NUMBER26 is now called N26

We created NUMBER26 to bring personal banking into the modern world. It’s a world where we’re able to listen to any song we want to on command. We can book a vacation instantly and hail a taxi to the airport without standing by the road. We can share pictures and stories with anyone we know anywhere in the world, and we can do all of that from our phones. We asked ourselves why we couldn’t manage our financial lives in a way that’s just as personal, mobile and realtime.

Today, we’re one giant leap closer to addressing this question once and for all. We just achieved official recognition as a licensed bank by the European Central Bank, with all the regulatory safety and competency that entails. We’re reducing complexity one massive step so every action is only between you and us. That means more features like investment, savings, credit and insurance, but with far more personalization, innovation and speed. You’ll see our next innovations in action in the coming weeks, with much more to come.

It’s only been 18 months since we launched, and this might be the most important day of them all. We’re very happy that regulators have given us this vote of confidence in such a short time, and we’re extremely grateful to all of you for believing in our vision and inspiring us to come this far.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do anything right now. We’ll reach out to existing customers in early September to explain how to take full advantage of N26 and all the benefits that the banking license will bring.

Let’s talk about another question you might be asking yourself. Is that a new logo? In the spirit of simplifying your entire banking experience, which will include every feature you need from a banking platform, we’re also simplifying our brand. Chances are that you may already be calling us N26. Now we’re making it official. NUMBER26 is now N26.

Today’s news is a natural next step in our mission to make your personal banking experience beautifully designed, functional and enjoyable. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

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