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Donate to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin with N26

We’ve partnered with Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V. to allow you to donate directly from the N26 app and support those affected by the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

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The war in Ukraine has been an unspeakable humanitarian tragedy, affecting millions of people in the region and beyond. Families have been forced to leave their homes in search of safety, innocent civilians have been killed, and many have been displaced by the devastation. Around the world, many people are looking for ways to reach out and support the victims of this conflict. 

N26 has partnered with Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V. (UHB) to allow our customers to easily donate—directly from their N26 app—and provide aid to those in need. UHB is a volunteer-run organization made up of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine, providing humanitarian and medical aid since 2014. 

What is Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.?

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin (UHB) is a Berlin-based charitable organization made up of Ukrainian volunteers and friends of Ukraine. Since 2014, they’ve been working with vetted local partners to make sure that aid goes where it’s needed the most. Now, they’re helping to provide humanitarian and medical aid to those affected by the war. 

Through their work, they’ve provided aid to countless medical organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, retirement homes, and youth shelters in the Ukraine. They’ve also supported children and young people in need, senior citizens, and families affected by the war. 

Their partners include charitable organizations like Heart for Ukraine, the International Association in Support of Ukraine, and the non-for-profit initiative Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. You can find a complete list of partners here

Here’s how you can help

Every little bit helps. You can donate to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin right from the N26 app, with a minimum amount of just €1. Simply open the app and follow these steps:

  1. From the Home tab, tap Send Money
  2. Select Donate from the menu
  3. Choose Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin
  4. Enter the amount that you’d like to donate
  5. Type your Confirmation PIN
  6. You’re all set

Your contribution will go directly to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V. to support those touched by the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Please keep in mind that neither UHB nor N26 are able to provide donation receipts for your contribution. This means your donation may not be tax deductible.


Donating with N26

There are many worthwhile organizations that can use your support. N26 wants to make it easy to give to the causes you care most about: from LGBTQIA+ advocacy, to Women’s groups, to combating climate change. You can quickly and conveniently donate to a number of charities right from your phone, no matter where you are. If you’re an existing N26 customer, you can find a list of current partner charities under Send Money, by tapping Donate. And if you don’t have an N26 account yet, take a look at our plans to find the account that’s the best fit for your life.

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