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New in N26: Make your money work for you

Managing your money can feel overwhelming at times, but N26 has the tools you need to put you in control of your money.

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No matter who you are or how much you earn, when it comes to your money, it just feels better when you’re in the driver’s seat. But even if you’re determined to take charge of your finances, sometimes it’s easier said than done. For starters, traditional money management can be a lot of work—from figuring out monthly payments to reviewing complex bank statements to juggling multiple accounts. To top it all off, most traditional banks are famous for tedious paperwork, complex terminology, and hidden fees. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel like we’re losing control of our money. 

But N26 is different. We’re committed to giving you the tools you need to take charge of your money right from your phone. On top of that, we’re working tirelessly to keep on bringing you new, improved features to make money-management simple, clear, and right at your fingertips. Want to use your card to pay right from your vacation fund to avoid overspending? No problem. What about automating your payments and savings, so you never have to think about pesky transfers? We’ve got you covered. 

So let’s get down to business: here are four smart features that allow you to keep full control of your money.

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N26 Spaces revolutionized budgeting by allowing you to save for trips, big purchases, or projects without juggling multiple accounts. And now, these virtual piggy banks are more convenient than ever. Why? Well, you can now link your N26 card to a Space of your choosing with just a few taps and spend right from there! Rather than transferring your savings back to your main account, linking your card to a Space allows you to spend your hard-earned savings effortlessly right from your sub-account. Ready to set sail on a big vacation but don’t want to break the bank? Or maybe you’re splurging on a night out but don’t want to go too overboard? Whatever your reason, the ability to choose where your payments are coming from on any given day is just another way we’re putting you in control of your money.

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Forget about budgeting with Automations

Saving used to require discipline—but now, you can become a budgeting pro with just a few taps in your N26 app. That’s right: All our Automations features allow you to save without even trying—just turn them on, and we’ll do the work for you. Use Income Sorter to automatically set aside a percentage of your paycheck every month, and stash the savings in a Space of your choosing. Tend to overspend without meaning to and want to make sure your rent money stays intact? With Rules, you can automate transfers to any of your Spaces on a desired date and frequency—and rest assured that you’ll have the funds you need, when you need them. And if you’re looking to save while you spend, try Round-Ups—the smart feature that rounds up all your card purchases to the nearest euro. And, all these features are located in the same convenient place, so you can save, sort, and organize your money in minutes.

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Get a snapshot of your month with Monthly Wrap-Up 

Part of staying in control of your finances is getting a handle on your spending and saving. Easier said than done, right? Well, not to brag, but we’ve made that easier, too. Monthly Wrap-Up offers a snapshot of your monthly spending in the Insights section of your N26 app. Here, you’ll find info on your spending and saving behavior that will help you achieve your financial goals more quickly. Get info on your incomings and outgoings by reviewing your earnings and spending in one easy-to-understand chart. We’ll also tell you how much you saved, and give you an overview of your top spending categories, and the retailers where you spent the most. Keeping a pulse on your finances has never been so easy.

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Monthly Budgeting Widget: Your progress, at a glance

If you thought banking on your smartphone was easy, we’ve got great news—now you can check how much of your budget is left without even opening your N26 app! Thanks to our brand new iOS Monthly Budget Widget, as soon as you’ve set a monthly budget, you can keep track of how much you have left—or how much you’ve overspent by. And to give you an even broader overview at a glance, you’ll also see how many days are left in the month. You’ll get real-time updates on your spending and saving, keeping you on track to meet your goals. And because you’ll see it right on your home screen, just one look is all you’ll need to keep yourself in step.  

Your Money at N26

If you’re looking for a hassle-free bank that puts you in the driver’s seat, look no further than N26. Find the premium plan that's right for you and open an account in just a few minutes—right from your smartphone. 

You’ll get access to advanced features like Income Sorter, which lets you automatically transfer a portion of your monthly income to a selected Space. And with Round-Ups, you can round up each purchase to the nearest euro to maximize your savings. Or, try N26 Standard, the free mobile account where you can access our budgeting basics. 

*Feature availability may vary by market, device or membership tier.

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