Get N26 Income Sorter—the automatic way to save every time you get paid

If you like working smarter—not harder—then don’t miss N26 Income Sorter, the smart, simple way to save money automatically.

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Who among us would choose to work harder, not smarter—especially when it comes to managing money? That’s why we created N26 Income Sorter. It’s the automatic way to save whenever you get paid. 

Here’s a scenario we all know well—you get paid and plan to save some of your salary, but a few weeks go by, and before you know it, the money's all gone. Oops! But with N26 Income Sorter, you can automatically set aside a portion of your salary as soon as it hits your account—so you can save up before you start spending. And now, you can get started with a few swipes of a finger in your N26 app. 

How does income sorting work?

N26 Income Sorter automatically moves a set percentage of all incoming bank transfers to one of your N26 Spaces sub-accounts. For example, every time you receive a bank transfer of €400 or more, we’ll move 20% of that income, or €80, to your travel space (read on for more on N26 Spaces). Plus, you can customize your sorter to work best for you! Set the amount and percentage you want automatically sorted—whether it’s on transfers of €40 or €4,000. Then choose the spaces you want to divide your salary into and the percentage of income you want to send to each space.

The best part—you don’t have to do any math to maximize your savings. Set the percentage, choose the space, and we'll do the rest!

Sort your salary into spaces

Income Sorter works hand-in-hand with N26 Spaces. Spaces are sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account and are a great place to set money aside for bills or savings. Make a space for your next holiday, your rent, or even a car fund—then reach those goals faster by sorting some of your salary into them.

N26 Smart, N26 You, and N26 Metal customers—as well as premium Business account holders—can create or participate in up to 10 shared spaces. 

Start sorting in just a few steps

Income sorter is available to all N26 premium customers. If you already have a premium plan—N26 Smart, N26 You, or N26 Metal—turning on Income Sorter is simple:

  1. Open your N26 app and go to the 'Spaces' tab. 

  2. Select a Space, tap on 'Manage' and then 'Income Sorter'.

  3. Toggle on 'Enable Income Sorter'.

  4. You can use our default settings or adjust how much you want to set aside.

New to N26? Find the premium plan that's right for you and open an account in just a few minutes right from your smartphone. You’ll get access to advanced features like Income Sorter, Spaces, and Round-Ups to help you manage your money like a pro. Or try N26 Standard, the free mobile account where you can access our budgeting basics. 

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