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Introducing N26 Credit

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • Product • February 6, 2017

N26 is more than just a bank account, but a platform for you to run your entire financial life from your phone. You should be able to get everything you regularly expect from your bank from us, but in the


N26’s Future Security Innovators program

posted byN26 • Security • December 26, 2016

Developing and supporting security innovations today and in the future is important to us at N26. To foster continued innovation in security technology and to fund promising PhD students and their research in security-related fields, N26 is announcing a new “Future


N26 updates: Security and customer service

posted byN26 • Banking • December 14, 2016

Security update The security of your account and data is of paramount importance to us and a responsibility we take very seriously. We’re also constantly working to improve security. We welcome and solicit the input of external security experts to help


Introducing N26 Black

posted byN26 • News • November 1, 2016

We’re driven to design the ultimate personal banking experience, and that’s reflected in our mantra – Banking by Design. This means beautiful, intuitive user interfaces. This means innovative features that consistently work and make your life easier. And sometimes, it


Introducing N26 Business

posted byN26 • News •

As we welcome more of you into the N26 universe, we recognize the variety of needs and services that you want from your bank. One of your early requests was a dedicated business account. The number of freelance and self-employed


T&C Update

posted byN26 • Product • October 27, 2016

N26 Bank has opened. We’ve begun to invite a small number of you at a time to transfer your accounts to the new N26 Bank. We’ll notify all of you over the course of the next weeks when it’s time for


Start the countdown!

posted byN26 • Uncategorized @en • September 28, 2016

Back in July, we announced our official recognition as a licensed bank, which will allow us to offer even faster innovation of new financial products. This is a major next step because we can finally deliver what so many of