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When N26 Met Mastercard

posted bySergi • Banking • August 1, 2017

It’s no coincidence that Mastercard is the N26 card of choice. Shortly after Valentin and Maximilian founded the company, they had to decide on a payment card partner. They couldn’t build a bank without a card that people could use


N26 Credit partners with auxmoney to provide more loans

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • Product • July 31, 2017

N26 Credit is a completely paperless way to get a consumer credit loan that allows you to borrow between €1.000 and €25.000. No matter what you’re borrowing the money for, N26 Credit makes it super easy to receive the money


N26 is now 3D Secure

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • Product • July 25, 2017

What is 3D Secure? Think about a time you bought something online with your card, and you were directed to an authentication page that asked you to verify your purchase. That’s called 3D Secure (3DS),and it’s an authentication step that


N26 will bring Apple Pay to customers in France later this year

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • Product • July 18, 2017

We’ve been busy the past few weeks. First, we announced we would be bringing Apple Pay to Italy, and shortly after we announced we would bring it to Spain. Our customers in France started to raise some eyebrows. Our comments


Introducing N26 Insurance – manage all your insurance policies from the app

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • Product • July 12, 2017

As we previewed a few weeks ago, N26 Insurance is now here, and we’re inviting you to an early BETA release to try it. Here’s how to use N26 Insurance: Update the N26 app Go to the Insurance section Complete the


N26 will bring Apple Pay to customers in Spain later this year

posted byDennisM • Product • July 6, 2017

When we recently broke the news that we’ll be bringing Apple Pay to Italy, we received dozens of messages asking when we might introduce it to more countries. Like we said last time, we’re always listening to your feedback and


Win VIP tickets to New Horizons festival

posted byDennisM • Press • June 29, 2017

Join us on 25. & 26. August 2017 when the gates to New Horizons Festival will open for the first time! Together with Mastercard®, the official sponsor of the festival, we are giving away 5 pairs of tickets that include