N26 Real-time banking

Instant payments and money transfers

Need to pay or get paid ASAP? Send and receive instant bank transfers 24/7, and top up your account in seconds. Plus, enjoy free instant money transfers between N26 friends with MoneyBeam.
Instant payment notification on a smartphone.

MoneyBeam—free instant payments

Forget waiting to be paid back, or typing in tricky bank details. With N26 MoneyBeam, you can instantly request, receive, and send money to your N26 friends at lightning speed.Add new N26 friends with just an email or phone number, and MoneyBeam them on the spot.

Instant bank transfers

Pay and get paid in seconds, not days. Need to settle an urgent bill on the weekend? Instant bank transfers work 24/7, so your money will arrive immediately to a bank account in the SEPA area—even if it’s not an N26 account.Best of all, sending and receiving instant bank transfers is 100% free for premium customers, and only costs €0,49 to send for N26 Standard customers. No delays. No waiting. No problem.
Open online bank account
Petrol N26 App with red notification.

Top up your account instantly

Ready to get started with N26 right away? After signing up, instantly top up your account with your debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay and start spending immediately—even before your card arrives in the mail.
N26 Instant Top Up notification on a smart phone.
n26 standard card.
n26 metal card.
n26 you card.

Get instant money transfers with N26

Join 8 million customers worldwide, and easily make instant payments from anywhere, anytime. Compare N26 bank accounts now and sign up online in minutes, directly from your smartphone—no paperwork needed!


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