Virtual cards

Virtual cards work exactly like your physical bank card—they just live in your digital wallet on your phone instead of your physical wallet. Secured by encryption, they offer a safe and convenient way to pay online and in-store.
Man in a car paying with his N26 virtual card.

Virtual, digital and disposable cards—what’s the difference?

A “virtual card” is stored on your phone and can be used to pay contactless in stores or online, but has its own unique card number, expiry date, and CVC. A “digital card” is a copy of your physical bank card that’s stored on your phone. Digital cards have the same card number, expiry date, and CVC as your physical bank card, and can be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay. A “disposable card” is a virtual card that can only be used once. Once you’ve paid, the card details can’t be used again.
Person paying with the N26 virtual card.

The benefits of virtual cards

Leave your wallet at home

Virtual debit and credit cards are secure, simple to use, and save you the inconvenience of having to carry your wallet around.

Stay in control

You can instantly lock—and unlock—your virtual card from your phone at any time.

Manage subscriptions

Use a dedicated virtual card for all your recurring subscriptions, and easily lock it without losing access to your main bank card.

Instant activation

You don’t have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail—start using it from the moment it’s created.

Pay securely—online and in-store

Pay with your N26 virtual card using Apple and Google Pay, anywhere contactless payments are accepted. It's easy to use, secure, and effortlessly mobile. All N26 physical and virtual cards are tokenized before they’re added to Apple or Google Pay, which simply means that your sensitive card information is always stored securely.

Security you can count on

Instant push notifications

Pair your N26 account to your smartphone and get real-time alerts on all account activity, ensuring that only you have access to your money.

Your money, your settings

Instantly turn on or turn off online payments, ATM withdrawals, payments abroad, and more in your N26 app.

Mastercard SecureCode - Icon - N26 Security

Advanced 3D Secure

Benefit from extra security against fraud, thanks to a two-factor authentication step that protects your online purchases.

Your purchased, protected

Protected up to €100,000

Thanks to our full banking license, the funds in your N26 account are protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

Get an extra virtual card—for free

N26 premium customers get a free virtual card with its own card number. Shopping online? Enjoy extra peace of mind by not having to share your main card’s details. Paying in-store? Tap and go by adding your virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Open online bank account

Find a plan for you

N26 Smart

The bank account that gives you more control

N26 You card, Teal.
N26 You card, Ash.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 You card, Petrol.
N26 You card, Rhubarb.


  • Free Virtual Card

  • Up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts

  • Support Center phone number

  • Round-ups


N26 You

The debit card for everyday and travel

N26 You card, Rhubarb.
N26 You card, Petrol.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 You card, Ash.
N26 You card, Teal.


  • Up to 5 free withdrawals in the Eurozone

  • Flight and luggage delay cover

  • Medical emergency cover

  • Winter activities insurance

  • Pandemic coverage

N26 Metal

The premium account with a metal card

N26 Metal - Slate Grey.
N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Quartz Rose - N26 Metal Card.


  • An 18-gram metal card

  • Up to 8 free withdrawals in the Eurozone

  • Purchase protection

  • Phone insurance

  • Dedicated N26 Metal line


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