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More than an app

posted by N26 • Uncategorized @en • December 11, 2015

Nothing could make us prouder than the awards we received this year. “Tip of the Week” in the App Store, featured by Google and just recently we were elected by both juries among the best apps of the year. Here are a few thoughts on what sets us apart.

Good Crafts
It all starts, of course, with a great idea. And as it seems, the time for NUMBER26 has come – the overwhelming interest from all over Europe speaks a clear language. Moreover, it is important to cleanly carry out your idea. We’ve described in the past how we design the interface and how we are working on the best usability. Hopefully you see this everyday in the app that NUMBER26 is just fun to use.



More than an app
In addition, we benefit from the fact that we are more than just another app. Many other young companies are – at their core – an intermediary for existing industries. They are a new, fast, user-friendly and mobile channel that customers have been waiting for a long time. But to pursue our personal vision, we must be more than that; we are a complete checking account for your smartphone and offer all the features – and a few more – of traditional banks. We’re not just about pretty visuals. If that was the case, it would be impossible to change an inefficient, aging industry.

And the best supporters
Needless to say, that kind of success wouldn’t be possible without the right team and a special vision. But we cannot stress enough that it would be impossible without our great supporters either. Your countless and great reviews in the App Store and Play Store have impressed Apple and Google quite a lot, it seems. This is a big thank you to all the fans, supporters and customers of the first hour. Your passion for the project is what drives us.