Using your N26 debit card abroad: No. Hidden. Fees.

When you travel you can feel like your money is disappearing down a black hole. Put a stop to that and travel with N26. N26 saves you money by eliminating common fees for using your debit card abroad. Sign up now to save on your next trip.

Paying with your N26 card when traveling

N26 doesn’t hide fees or add a foreign exchange rate. We also don’t tack on extra charges for rare currencies or for paying on the weekend. We give you the real exchange rate. Pay abroad and you’ll see the rate you’re getting in real-time.

Withdrawing money abroad is free with N26 You. Anywhere.

N26 You gives you free withdrawals in currencies around the globe, saving you up to 7% on fees. That means N26 You pays for itself in just a few trips.

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