Save money when you use your debit card abroad

Get peace of mind, save money, and spend with confidence when you travel abroad with your N26 debit card.
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Security and peace of mind in your pocket

Lost your card abroad? No sweat! Your N26 debit card includes advanced security features, and gives you the ability to lock and unlock your card right from the app. Read more about what you should do in case the unexpected happens.
Lost your debit card? Here’s what to do
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Budget for your next big trip

Putting money aside for a holiday shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing. N26 helps you understand your spending habits, create dedicated goals, and easily set money aside on your schedule, thanks to smart budgeting tools designed with you in mind. 
Budget your vacation with N26
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Debit versus credit—the age-old dilemma

There are plenty of myths and confusing arguments about whether you should use a debit or credit card when you travel. We take a look at key differences, safety features, and similarities—and help you find the solution that best suits your life.
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Need cash? We’ve got you covered

Cash-only restaurant? Whether you’re at home or abroad, N26 makes taking out money easy and convenient. Find nearby ATMs or discover how to get cash directly from a store. Plus as an N26 You or Metal customer, you can get free withdrawals when traveling abroad.
Learn how to get cash
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Say goodbye to exchange rate markups

N26 never marks up foregin exchange rates. This means we pass along the real exchange rates provided by Mastercard to you—no hidden fees or confusing small print to ruin your holiday.
Foreign transaction fees to look out
Illustration of currency exchange.

N26 You—Meet your perfect travel partner

Enjoy free cash withdrawals in any currency from ATMs around the world, set money aside for your next trip with Spaces, and choose a card as colorful as your next travel destination. Plus you’ll benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate, and COVID-19 coverage to give you added peace of mind no matter where life takes you next.
Get N26 You
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Paying with your N26 card when traveling

N26 doesn’t hide fees or add a foreign exchange rate. We also don’t tack on extra charges for rare currencies or for paying on the weekend. Spend abroad and benefit from Mastercard's real exchange rate.

Withdrawing money abroad is free with N26 You. Anywhere.

N26 You gives you free withdrawals in currencies around the globe, saving you up to 7% on fees. That means N26 You pays for itself in just a few trips.


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