N26 Savings

Your digital savings account

With N26 Savings, you can open an online savings account directly in the N26 app and earn up to 1.57% interest.

Open a savings account online in minutes

Open your savings account directly from your phone, without any paperwork. With a confirmation in minutes, N26 Savings is the fastest way to start earning interest on your money. We’ll get you settled on the highest interest rates available on the market.

The best interest rates, curated for you

We’ll offer you a plan with the highest interest rate by default. Compare plans between several European partner banks and get the best deal possible.

A marketplace with more choices

We only collaborate with partner banks that offer the best interest rates and offer a paperless service.

Deposit protection under EU law

Deposits of up to €100,000 are protected by EU law in all EU member states. Regardless of your chosen bank, your money is in safe hands.

How do I open an N26 Savings account?

To set up a Savings account, go to the "Explore" tab in the app. Among the available financial products, you’ll find the N26 Savings option. Depending on what you’re looking for, we’ll then show you a selection of the best options. Take your time to compare and go over the offers. When you’re ready, set up your savings account directly in the app and start earning interest.

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Transparent N26 Standard card.
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Don’t have an N26 bank account yet?

Open your N26 account online in minutes, right from your smartphone and without paperwork. Compare the bank accounts we’re offering to find out which one suits you best. Top up your account before choosing a savings plan that suits you. And that’s it!