N26 Press Releases

Bundesweiter Digitaltag: Worauf Verbraucher:innen beim Online-Einkauf aktuell besonders achten sollten

Die Digitalisierung schreitet nicht nur in der Arbeitswelt, sondern auch in unserem privaten Alltag spürbar voran.

Anordnung der italienischen Zentralbank: N26 wird Präventionsmaßnahmen im Bereich Geldwäsche für den italienischen Markt ausbauen

Die N26 Bank GmbH Succursale Italiana hat am 28. März eine Anordnung der italienischen Zentralbank erhalten.

Female investment power – 2 in 3 German women plan to investment over 50% more in 2022

From Wall Street to mainstream – investing and growing wealth has long started to be a trending and frequently discussed topic among more and more consumers.

N26 Group Announces 2020 Financial Results, Increases Revenue and Operating Margins

The online bank N26 achieved results in line with expectations in financial year 2020 despite the unprecedented challenges in the banking sector presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

N26 Leadership Update

N26 Chief Operating Officer Adrienne Gormley will be leaving her role in April this year to pursue other challenges.

From saving goals to impulse buys – The neuroscientific explanations behind the society’s money management habits

New year, new saving goal? We got some valuable insights that will help!

N26 explores the future of banking with 2021 Global Digital Banking Index

As global demand for digital and innovative financial services accelerates, digital banks like N26 are continuing to gain traction with millions of customers worldwide.

Update: N26 to discontinue US operations

N26 today announced that its digital banking experience will no longer be available to customers in the US after January 11, 2022.

N26 Study: Following the pandemic, children’s financial literacy is increasingly important for parents

One third of parents attach greater importance to their children's financial education in the wake of the pandemic.

€12 million saved in less than a year with automated savings feature N26 Round-Ups

Less than a year after The Mobile Bank introduced Round-Ups, N26 customers have seamlessly set aside more than €12 million with the automated savings feature.