N26 Press Releases

N26 welcomes Déborah Carlson-Burkart to N26 AG’s Supervisory Board

N26 announced today the appointment of international regulatory compliance and governance expert Déborah Carlson-Burkart to its Group Supervisory Board.

A Fisherman Explains Phishing in N26’s New “Security Explained Simply” Campaign

The Mobile Bank N26 today announced its new campaign, “Security Explained Simply” to help decode the increasingly complex landscape of security in digital banking.

Women in Europe save 28% more than men despite having significantly smaller budgets

How did the cost of living crisis affect saving rates in Europe in 2022? And how has the wealth gender gap influenced the behavior of female consumers?

Standing-off to the Black Friday shopping madness – 5 tips to shop sustainable, smart and with clear conscience

Black Friday is approaching, and with it the time of the year when brands and stores are outdoing themselves with discounts and customers hope to be in for some serious bargains.

N26 appoints new Supervisory Board, strengthening corporate governance as it becomes a Stock Corporation

N26, The Mobile Bank, today announced the appointment of its new group Supervisory Board as it continues to evolve its governance structures in preparation for the next stages of development.

N26 Group Announces FY 2021 Financial Results – Focus on Customer Activity Drives Strong Revenue Growth

Gross revenue grew by 50.3% to EUR 182.4 million (FY-20: EUR 121.3 million), while net interest and commission income grew by 67% to EUR 120.3 million (FY-20: EUR 72.1 million).

Female investment power – French women plan to increase investments despite a decrease in income

From Wall Street to mainstream – investing and growing wealth has long started to be a trending and frequently discussed topic among more and more consumers.

N26 Group Announces 2020 Financial Results, Increases Revenue and Operating Margins

The online bank N26 achieved results in line with expectations in financial year 2020 despite the unprecedented challenges in the banking sector presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

N26 male customers earn more but it is N26 female customers who save more

N26 analyzed the savings and spending habits of more than 1.7 million of its customers in Europe, including 40,000 in France.

N26 explores the future of banking with 2021 Global Digital Banking Index

As global demand for digital and innovative financial services accelerates, digital banks like N26 are continuing to gain traction with millions of customers worldwide.