N26 Press Releases

Provvedimento Banca d'Italia: N26 deve potenziare e accelerare le misure di Antiriciclaggio

N26 è stata oggetto di una serie di provvedimenti da parte della Banca d'Italia, che individuano debolezze e aree di miglioramento della banca nell’area dell’antiriciclaggio.

Female investment power: how Italian women invest today

A research conducted by N26 in Italy traces the behaviours of investing and non-investing women

N26 Group Announces 2020 Financial Results, Increases Revenue and Operating Margins

The online bank N26 achieved results in line with expectations in financial year 2020 despite the unprecedented challenges in the banking sector presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

N26 explores the future of banking with 2021 Global Digital Banking Index

As global demand for digital and innovative financial services accelerates, digital banks like N26 are continuing to gain traction with millions of customers worldwide.

Update: N26 to discontinue US operations

N26 today announced that its digital banking experience will no longer be available to customers in the US after January 11, 2022.

N26 announces landmark Series E funding round of more than $900 Million

The Mobile Bank N26 today announced its record-breaking $900+ million Series E funding round, the largest financing round to date for a digital bank in Europe.

N26 research on European students: technology helps new generations to manage expenses and savings without stress

According to a research conducted by N26, the pandemic has significantly transformed the way students deal with everyday financial problems, big and small.

Shared Spaces, N26's alternative to joint accounts, now available also for Italian customers

The mobile bank announces the launch of Shared Spaces for Italian customers, a feature that allows users to easily and securely share money with friends, family and loved ones, in just a few clicks.

N26’s new features to manage your expenses in a simple and intuitive way during holidays

N26 has made some latest updates to its offer, designing them to help users keep their budget and expenses under control in a comfortable, simple and intuitive way, especially in view of the holidays.