N26 Press Releases

N26 appoints CPO Gilles BianRosa to N26 AG’s Supervisory Board

Digital bank N26 today announced that it will be appointing Chief Product Officer Gilles BianRosa to the Supervisory Board of N26 AG.

N26 appoints Carina Kozole as Chief Risk Officer

N26 today announced the appointment of Carina Kozole as Chief Risk Officer and Managing Director of N26 AG.

N26 welcomes Déborah Carlson-Burkart to N26 AG’s Supervisory Board

N26 announced today the appointment of international regulatory compliance and governance expert Déborah Carlson-Burkart to its Group Supervisory Board.

A Fisherman Explains Phishing in N26’s New “Security Explained Simply” Campaign

The Mobile Bank N26 today announced its new campaign, “Security Explained Simply” to help decode the increasingly complex landscape of security in digital banking.

Women in Europe save 28% more than men despite having significantly smaller budgets

How did the cost of living crisis affect saving rates in Europe in 2022? And how has the wealth gender gap influenced the behavior of female consumers?

N26 appoints Arnd Schwierholz as Chief Financial Officer

Arnd Schwierholz will assume his position as Chief Financial Officer of N26 on February 1st, 2023.

Updates to N26’s leadership structure

Effective immediately, N26 co-founder Maximilian Tayenthal will take over the role of Chief Operating Officer, while retaining his role as Managing Director of N26 Bank AG.

N26 appoints new Supervisory Board, strengthening corporate governance as it becomes a Stock Corporation

N26, The Mobile Bank, today announced the appointment of its new group Supervisory Board as it continues to evolve its governance structures in preparation for the next stages of development.

Steigende Inflation und Lebenshaltungskostenkrise: Wie gehen Österreicher:innen mit ihren Finanzen um?

N26 hat untersucht, wie Kund:innen in der EU ihr Spar- und Ausgabeverhalten an die steigende Inflation und aktuelle Lebenshaltungskostenkrise anpassen.

N26 launches new cryptocurrency trading product, N26 Crypto

The Mobile Bank N26 today announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading product that will allow eligible customers to buy and sell almost 200 cryptocurrencies in their N26 app.