19 April 2017Fintech

N26 Business - the mobile business bank account

Managing your income when you’re a freelancer or you’re self-employed can be challenging enough as it is, yet we noticed how hard it is to open a business bank account with other banks to make managing your finances a little easier. Business accounts often cost way too much and approval can take a long time.

A mobile business bank account for freelancers

We made N26 Business to address these issues. It’s the business bank account for freelancers and self-employed customers that can be opened directly from your phone, and it takes less than 8 minutes. It’s also completely free to open. In fact, we’ll even give you 0.1% cashback on all purchases with your N26 Business Mastercard, automatically deposited every quarter. As a freelancer, you have specific needs and you rely on your tools to keep up with you and your work. You may not be tied down to one place for long, and you need your bank account to be accessible from anywhere at all times.

N26 Business benefits

You’ll get all the awesome realtime features of the regular N26 bank account like instant push notifications, instant spending reports and instant money transfers to other N26 customers. With N26 Business, you get the convenience of our mobile bank account and the official status of a business bank account. We’re calling this a “beta version” because we’re still working on incorporating TransferWise for easy international money transfers, and making it easy to switch from the personal N26 account to the business account. If you’re a freelancer or you’re self-employed, this is the easiest business bank account you can open, and the easiest to use too. We're always thinking of ways to improve your personal banking experience, so please send us your feedback. If you're interested in learning more about our products, check out the product section of our blog.

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