N26 is more than just a bank account, but a platform for you to run your entire financial life from your phone. You should be able to get everything you regularly expect from your bank from us, but in the distinctly N26 way that makes opaque financial services more accessible, and packages them into one beautifully designed experience. That’s what we’re able to do now that we’ve launched N26 Bank. Getting a consumer credit loan is one of the most challenging, paperwork-laden things you can request from your bank, which is why we’re particularly excited for you to try the paperless, intelligent, informative N26 Credit.

Get credit when you really need it

Whether you moved into a new flat and need to do some renovations, started a new job and need to buy a car, worked hard for a year and want to book a vacation or simply want to pay down existing debts, you can request a loan using N26 Credit. We offer loans between €1.000 and €25.000 that you can pay back over a period between 12 and 60 equal monthly installments. In fact, we’ll take care of all the hard work preparing the optimal plan after you answer a few questions about your needs, preferences and financial situation. You can see your monthly payment amount, total payment amount, loan duration and interest rate before you commit.

Manage your loan from your phone

It’s easy to try N26 Credit and play around to see what your plan may look like. You can save your progress and return to your last plan with one tap, and consider multiple plans of varying amounts and durations. If you’re ready to confirm your chosen plan, you’ll use the same video call technology you may have used when you first verified your ID with N26. Once you make your plan official with a digital signature, we’ll never send you boxes of paperwork. Your monthly loan payments will automatically be transferred from your account so you can set it and forget it.

Check out our next steps as a bank

We recognize the need to provide solutions for the myriad ways in which you interact with your finances. N26 Invest offers the potential to grow your money, N26 Credit the potential to borrow, and soon our savings and insurance products will help you save and protect your money. It’s never been a better time to join us. Let us know what you’re thinking of getting a loan for in the comments.

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