01 Dezember 2015Produkte & Features

Dispo wie er sein soll

As we happily announced two weeks ago: NUMBER26 overdraft is now online in the app. It's a big step as it changes our bank account in its core: now you have more money at you disposal than you have (had) transferred to your NUMBER26 account. That means more flexibility for you – and as we talk to our customers all the time we know you wanted that.   A very special overdraft It wouldn't be a real NUMBER26 product, if it didn't change this part of banking as you know it. We made a new overdraft for the mobile era – that's wh we present you the main differences to a usual overdraft solution.   Be ready in less than two minutes   overdraft-result-en-big     You can activate your NUMBER26 overdraft in less than two minutes. With one click you give us permission to ask for your Schufa-Score. Looking at the frequence and amount of your incoming transfers as well as your salary statement and duration of your employment, we can grant you an overdraft of up to 2000 € that you can use right away. Faster than any traditional bank, we think.   Control your cost in real-time   overdraft-main-android-en-big   Once your overdraft is activated, you can determine your personal limit - which helps you control your cost anytime. In the app you see on a daily basis, how much you are charged for using overdraft. You don't pay on top for this - the interest amounts to 8,9% per year.   Automatic notifications to warn you   overdraft-push-en-big   Overdraft has the purpose to grant you more freedom and flexibility – whilst not causing any unnecessary costs. That's why you get a warning, when you are about to drop into the negative balance and therefore will be liable to costs. At this moment you can charge your NUMBER26 account and avoid extra expenses. Do you know any other bank that would do that? Interested? Go to the control center in the app and activate it there - needless to say: activation itself is for free.   Well then, seems everything is set up for Christmas shopping!

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