Your N26 Mastercard with NFC technology

Whichever N26 account you choose, you’ll receive a virtual debit Mastercard that lets you make contactless payments. Premium N26 account holders will also get a physical Mastercard delivered to their door—either in colorful plastic or sophisticated stainless steel. All physical N26 Mastercards come with contactless, NFC-technology, too.

~8 million
Just minutes
to open a bank account
5* ratings across both iOS and Android app stores

Pay anywhere in the world with no fees

Pay free of charge with your N26 Mastercard, no matter where in the world you are—we don’t charge any foreign transaction fees. Use your N26 Mastercard in stores, apps or in online shops—and in case you forget it, you can easily link it to your wallet for convenient mobile payments. In need of cash? Enjoy unlimited free ATM withdrawals throughout the eurozone or get cash in one of over 2,000 partner stores in Austria.

A Mastercard that suits your style

Choose the N26 current account and Mastercard that perfectly suits you and your style:

  • N26 Standard: a Virtual Mastercard that you can link to your wallet with just a few taps in the N26 app. Order a physical debit card for a one-time delivery fee of €10.
  • N26 Smart & N26 You: a Mastercard in one of 5 stunning colors.
  • N26 Metal: a stainless steel Mastercard available in three distinct metallic shades.

Which debit card will you pick?

N26 transparent Mastercard, Charcoal black Metal Mastercard and teal Mastercard.


Deposit Protection

N26 is a fully licensed bank, which means your deposits are protected up to €100,000, per EU regulations.

3D-Secure Mastercard

All your online purchases are protected with Mastercard 3D Secure 2-factor authentication, so you can be sure you’re the only one using your card.

Push Notifications

Get instant push notifications every time money goes in or out of your account, so you can keep track of your balance in real time.

NFC technology

Make contactless payments the easy way with your N26 debit Mastercard. Your card is equipped with NFC technology—simply tap it on the card terminal to pay in stores, online, or in-app, everywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Card-free, contactless payments

Want to skip using cards altogether? Add your virtual N26 Mastercard to your digital wallet and use your smartphone to pay in stores, online, or in apps. Link your card to Google Pay or Apple Pay, then simply hold your phone up to any NFC terminal to pay.

phone screen with N26 Metal Mastercard.
N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Your debit Mastercard is accepted worldwide

Experience 100% mobile banking with the free N26 Standard account and your own virtual N26 Mastercard. Go premium for even more advantages. Choose from one of five colorful Mastercard options: Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, or Slate. Or, for our most premium customers, pick from one of three shades of stainless steel: Charcoal Black, Quartz Rose, or Slate Gray. Discover the card that’s right for you.


What is an N26 Mastercard?

When you open an N26 Standard account, you will receive a virtual N26 debit Mastercard. If you sign up for a premium account, you will receive a physical Mastercard (N26 Smart and N26 You customers will receive a plastic card in one of five vibrant colors; N26 Metal customers will receive a card in one of three shades of stainless steel). All N26 Mastercards are debit cards (and not credit cards).

How can I order an N26 Mastercard Debit?

When you open an N26 Standard account, you will automatically receive a virtual debit Mastercard. Order a physical card for a one-time delivery fee of €10. To do this, simply go to the “Cards” tab in your N26 app.

If you signed up for a premium account you will receive a physical Mastercard free of charge after opening your account. To order your card, simply choose the color card or metal card that you like best during the account opening process.

What is the difference between N26 premium plans and the Standard account?

Our premium accounts are packed with innovative features and come with many benefits—organize your money with savings sub-accounts that sit along your main account, protect yourself with extensive insurance, and much more. A physical N26 Mastercard is included with every premium plan and delivered to your home.

N26 Standard customers receive a virtual N26 Mastercard that can be added to their digital wallet and used immediately upon opening your account.

Is the N26 Mastercard a prepaid card or a credit card?

No, your Mastercard is not a credit card or a prepaid card. N26 only offers debit cards.

Visa or Mastercard—what’s better?

Visa and Mastercard are the world's largest credit and debit card providers. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted in numerous countries around the globe, and their services differ only slightly. As both cards are quite similar, it’s more important to compare the issuing banks, as they determine the conditions. As an N26 customer, you’ll receive a globally accepted Mastercard that you can use to pay anywhere in the world without fees.