Your N26 euro account with Mastercard

Open your N26 euro account in just 8 minutes. Your virtual N26 debit Mastercard will be active right away, directly on your smartphone. If you choose a physical card, it’s delivered automatically.

~8 million
Just minutes
to open a bank account
5* ratings across both iOS and Android app stores

Contactless payments—fast and safe

Say goodbye to fumbling for your wallet at the checkout counter. Simply add your N26 Mastercard to Google Pay or Apple Pay with just a few taps in your N26 app. Then, hold your phone above any NFC terminal to make payments or withdrawals—no physical card required!

N26 virtual card shown on a phone.

Free withdrawals and free payments

Nobody likes hidden fees—that’s why we don’t have them at N26. Pay in foreign currencies without ever worrying about surcharges. Need cash? Our N26 Standard euro account includes 3 free withdrawals in euros. Get even more free euro withdrawals when you upgrade to a premium plan. Find the nearest ATM easily with the ATM locator, directly in your N26 app.

A card that suits your style

When you choose N26 Standard, get a free virtual N26 Mastercard as soon as your account is active. Prefer solid plastic? Order a physical card for a one-time €10 delivery fee. Premium customers receive a physical Mastercard automatically. N26 Smart and N26 You customers can choose from one of five vibrant colors.

N26 standard and N26 You debit cards.


You’re in control of your card

Set payment or withdrawal limits, lock your card, or change your PIN—all from the N26 app.

Mastercard 3D SecureCode

Thanks to Mastercard 3D Secure, all your online purchases are protected with two-factor authentication.

Deposit protection for your money

N26 is a fully licensed bank, which means your funds are protected up to €100,000, per the EU Deposit Protection Scheme.

Push notifications in real time

Whenever money goes in or out of your account, you’ll receive an instant push notification so you never have to wonder about your balance.

Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Your N26 account

From the free euro bank account to our premium plans with added benefits like extra cash withdrawals, special deals from partner brands, and more—N26 offers 100% mobile banking tailored to fit your lifestyle. Discover all of our accounts on our accounts overview page and choose your perfect debit Mastercard. Pick between a virtual card, a colorful card or one made of stainless steel.


What is aN N26 Mastercard?

All N26 cards are debit Mastercards with contactless NFC technology. We currently do not offer credit cards for our euro accounts.

Is the N26 account a euro account?

Yes, all N26 accounts are euro accounts. However, you can still pay in foreign currencies (including CHF) at no added charge and, depending on the account type, withdraw cash (in euros) free of charge 3 to 8 times a month.

What is the difference between N26 Business and N26 Standard?

Our N26 Business accounts were developed for freelancers who primarily use their bank account for business expenses. With a business account, you also profit from cashback on each of your card purchases.

Is the N26 Mastercard Debit a credit card?

No, the N26 Mastercard is a debit card. It is not a credit or prepaid card.