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How to stay on top of your passwords with a password manager

To protect yourself from hackers, you need unique, secure passwords—but keeping track of all of them isn’t always easy. A password manager can handle the heavy lifting and help you stay safe.

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Whether you’re shopping online, accessing your email mailbox, or using social media, you won't get far in this digital day and age unless you have the right login details. To protect yourself from cybercriminals, your passwords should be as complex as possible. Random combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters are the safest choice.

You should also make sure to never use the same password for different services. For every app, website, or platform you use, your account should be protected by a unique password. But with all of these different accounts and logins, it’s easy to lose track of your passwords. Don't worry, though: In this article, you’ll learn how a password manager can help you manage your passwords—no matter how many or how random they are. 

Why managing your passwords is important

Maybe you have an excellent memory and never have to write down even the most complex passwords. In that case, you’re probably one of the lucky few who don't have to worry about managing their passwords. For most of us, though, it’s a real chore to manage our various login details. One option is to learn them all by heart, but it’s often easier to save them in the browser or in their respective apps. Unfortunately, this also makes it easy for hackers to get hold of your private data.

But don’t panic! With the right password management tool, you can get back on the safe side. By managing passwords centrally—either online or offline using software, apps, or portals—you can ensure that your passwords are safe from cyber attacks. Plus, you’ll still have quick and easy access to all of your online accounts. All of your stored user data is encrypted and protected by a single master password that only you have access to.

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What’s a password manager and how does it work?

A password manager is a handy tool that enables you to store passwords securely. To get access to your stored passwords, you only need to remember the master password. 

Password managers are encrypted and most of them store information on different servers to protect your sensitive data from cyber attacks. Only you know the master password to access the password manager. So, by choosing a strong master password, all your other passwords are protected without you having to remember any of them.

Many password managers also feature an integrated password generator. This useful function suggests a new, secure combination of characters every time you need to create a new password. Plus, if you decide to use the suggested password, it’s automatically saved in your password manager.

Are password managers safe?

How safe a password manager is depends on several factors. Generally speaking, the more secure your master password is, the more secure your password manager will be. You can learn more about how to create a secure password here.

Free browser managers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are often the target of hacker attacks. Therefore, they generally provide less safety than paid password managers. This is because password managers typically use a so-called Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is very difficult for hackers to crack. Also, many password managers use two-factor authentication and don’t store the master password in the database, which serves as additional protection against attacks.

The best password managers

Finding the password manager that’s best for you depends entirely on your personal preferences. Nobody can make that decision for you—after all, you’re responsible for the security of your passwords. If you need some inspiration, here are three options to get you started:

  • 1Password: A very secure password manager that’s also easy to use. Although password sharing isn’t available in the standard plan, you can choose a relatively simple master password, because new devices can only be linked with an additional key. Two-factor authentication and cloud file synchronization are also available. Costs: Standard plan €2.50 per month; Family plan €4.30 per month.
  • LastPass Premium: Also very safe and easy to use. Password sharing is available, but you need to choose a highly secure master password. It doesn’t support cloud file synchronization. Costs: Private users pay €2.90 per month; a family plan is €3.90 per month.
  • iCloud Keychain: iCloud Keychain: Apple's built-in password manager for Mac and iOS is a very secure solution, thanks to 256-bit AES encryption. And best of all: It’s automatically activated on your iPad and iPhone and is included for free.

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Security at N26

Whether you use a password manager or rely on your memory, keeping your passwords secure is vitally important. If you’re interested in learning more about security (and how to make life more difficult for cybercriminals), you can find plenty of tips in our guide to secure online banking.

With an N26 account, you can even change your security settings yourself in the app—from locking and unlocking your card to changing your PIN or adjusting your withdrawal and spending limits. Plus, with features such as biometric authentication, 3D Secure, and Mastercard SecureCode, as well as our discreet mode, you can be sure that your sensitive data is always protected. Check out our plans and find the N26 account that’s right for you today—signing up takes minutes. 

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