N26 x Headspace partnership.

N26 x Headspace—focus on what matters

Your mind and your money matter. As an N26 You and Metal customer, enjoy a free, 3-month Headspace subscription. Learn more.

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During testing times and when things seem to get a little too much—such as the current global situation as a result of coronavirus, for example—it’s more important than ever to maintain your mental wellbeing. So, to help our customers master their minds and gather a sense of calm in their everyday lives, we’ve partnered with Headspace to offer our premium N26 You and Metal customers 3-months free access to the world’s leading mindfulness and meditation app.

Headspace has long led the conversation when it comes to the topic of mental wellbeing and mindfulness, with an award-winning, science-backed platform that offers hundreds of bite-sized meditations. And with over 60+ million users worldwide, the app is certainly succeeding in helping us to live more in the moment, one guided exercise at a time.

A tool to ease worry

At N26, we also understand the power of maintaining a healthy mind and creating good habits—especially in stressful, uncertain moments of crisis.

With so much going on around us, it’s all too easy to feel out of control, lose track of our goals and with it, our sense of direction. Sometimes however, all we really need is a change in perspective. And this is where meditation comes in—a fantastic tool to help us re-frame and re-prioritize, and as a result, reduce our worries.

Just as N26’s smart account features offer a stress-free, simple way to manage your money and stay in control of your finances, Headspace is here to support you when it comes to your mental health. For moments when you feel a little overwhelmed or it seems like you have a lot on your plate, the app offers you the perfect opportunity to take as little as 3 minutes every day to sit down, take a deep breath, and check-in with yourself.

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A hassle-free sign-up process

So, are you ready to get started? If you’re aren’t a premium N26 You or Metal customer quite yet, don’t worry—it’s incredibly easy to sign up and you don’t need any paperwork. To enjoy the Headspace app and all the benefits of an N26 bank account, including a wide range of other discounts and offers, just pick a plan that suits you, and open an account from your smartphone. It just takes a few minutes.

If you’re already a You or Metal customer, then you’re almost there! To take advantage of this free, 3-month subscription, sign up to Headspace using your N26 You or Metal account. Here’s how:

  1. Open the “Explore” tab in your N26 app
  2. Find the Headspace offer to get your unique promo code
  3. Go to Headspace.com/code to enter this code
  4. Subscribe and log in, adding your N26 card as the payment method
  5. Download the Headspace app, sign in and enjoy your free access!

*If you encounter any problems, reach out to help@headspace.com.

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