N26 Smart

The bank account that helps you manage your money

Discover the premium bank account with intuitive features that gives you control over your money, for just €4.90 per month. Manage your account in real-time—from your smartphone.

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Your N26 card in color

Pick a Mastercard debit card in your choice of color—Ocean, Rhubarb, Sand, Aqua or Slate. Benefit from 5 free monthly withdrawals in the Eurozone, and enjoy free payments in foreign currencies. Your N26 card is also compatible with contactless and mobile payments, which you can use even before receiving your physical card in the mail.

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Saving made simple with Spaces sub-accounts

Wondering how to save money? Create up to 10 Spaces—separate sub-accounts that help you save up for your dream purchases and personal projects. Simply set up a space, name it, create a goal and a date—that’s it! Rounds-Up will also allow you to round-up your card purchases to the nearest euro, and transfer the difference automatically into a space.

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Master your spending with Insights

Ready for a simple and quick view of your finances? Meet N26 Insights, the intelligent feature in your N26 app that automatically categorizes your payments in real time. Instantly see if you’re spending more than usual on ‘Shopping,’ ‘Bars & Restaurants,’ ‘Groceries,’ and more—all it takes is a quick glance to stay on track with your monthly budget. Plus, with a clear overview of your upcoming regular payments, it’s never been easier to plan ahead and stay on top of your finances.

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Treat yourself to partner offer

The N26 Smart is a premium bank account that also allows you to indulge in a few perks along the way. Take advantage of ever-changing offers and deals from our partner brands—these are constantly evolving, and are accessible directly from the N26 app

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A beautifully-designed, intuitive experience

Why shouldn’t your bank's app be as beautiful as the other ones you already use? With a clean design and intuitive money management features, N26 is revamping your banking experience—without the hidden costs, or mountains of paperwork. Manage everything from your phone, but also from the desktop WebApp.

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Your security takes top priority

3D Secure

Any online purchases made with your Mastercard are protected by 3D Secure technology—an additional authentication step.

Push notifications

Receive instant notifications for each transaction, so you always know what is happening to your account.

Biometric identification

Log in to your account with FaceID or fingerprint identification for that added security.

Deposit protection

As a bank with a European banking license, your money is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Fund.

Our Customer Support is here for you

Need help, or just have a question? Our customer service specialists are there to answer your needs. Visit our Support Center—packed with frequently asked questions and articles to help you—or contact us via the live chat in your app. Alternatively, call us on our telephone hotline, and speak to a real human.

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Manage your budget with N26 Smart

Open your premium account for just €4.90/month (with a one-year membership) in minutes, and take back control of your money.


What is a bank account ?

In everyday language, a bank account means the account on which an individual can make secure deposits of money. It is used to centralize all traditional banking transactions, both debit and credit.

What is the right to the account?

The right to an account aims to eliminate the phenomenon of banking exclusion and applies when a bank refuses someone to open a bank account. When this happens, the person who wishes to open an account can make a request to the Banque de France. This request may also come from the bank that refused to open an account.

What is the Account Agreement?

When a customer opens a bank account, the account agreement refers to the agreement between the customer and the bank. This banking agreement includes all the important elements concerning the agreement, in particular the general conditions, the operating rules of the account or the rates charged by the banking establishment.

What are the conditions for opening an N26 Smart account?

If you’re not yet an N26 customer, you can open an N26 Smart account via the N26 app on your smartphone or from the website. You can open an account provided you:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Reside in a country where we offer our services
  • Have a compatible phone
  • Do not already have an account with us
  • Have a valid identity document that we accept for your country of residence. For more information, click here.

If you already have a standard N26 account, you can choose to upgrade to the N26 Smart premium account directly from your mobile app.

How do I open my N26 Smart account?

If you do, simply register on our website, or by downloading the N26 app onto a compatible smartphone. Opening an account takes only 8 minutes and is done without paperwork. Once you’ve verified your identity, your bank account will be ready to use.

For more information on opening an N26 Smart bank account, as well as the documents that you need,

To open an N26 Smart account, you must meet our eligibility criteria. If you do, you can open your account simply from our website or by downloading the N26 app on a compatible smartphone. Opening an account only takes 8 minutes and is done without paperwork. Once you verify your identity, your bank account will be ready for use.

For more information on opening an N26 Smart bank account, as well as for the documents you need, visit our Support Center.

What are the benefits of an N26 Smart account?

N26 Smart is a premium bank account that comes with a Mastercard debit card available in 5 colors. It gives access to intuitive features to manage your money. Get an overview of your spending with Insights, create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts for better saving, including Shared Spaces to manage budgets with other N26 users. You also benefit from free withdrawals in the Eurozone, and your payments are free of charge worldwide. A commission of 1.7% is applied to your withdrawals in foreign currencies. In addition, this account offers exclusive offers and discounts from our partner brands. See our Terms of Service for more information.

What can I use Spaces sub-accounts for?

Spaces are sub-accounts that sit aside your main account. They’re sort of like digital piggy banks, and are a convenient way to organize your finances. Create up to 10 Spaces with your N26 Smart account, and transfer money in and out of them as often as you like—it just takes a few taps in your N26 app.

Create a space to save for a small project, or for your next vacation, for example. With Shared Spaces, you can invite up to 10 other N26 users to manage common budgets—for example, with roommates or for an upcoming trip with friends. Soon, you’ll even be able to round each card transaction up to the next euro, and put the difference aside in one space for effortless saving.

How much does the N26 Smart account cost?

The N26 Smart Premium Account costs € 4.90/month and has a one-year membership term.

What are the advantages of Mastercard Travel Rewards?

The Mastercard Travel Rewards program gives you access to hundreds of cashback offers from top brands while traveling abroad. With cashback offers across arts and culture, shopping, hotels, culinary experiences, entertainment, and more, you can treat yourself year-round and save on your holidays abroad. To take advantage of Mastercard Travel Rewards, all you have to do is pay at participating stores with your N26 Mastercard.