N26 Smart

The bank account that puts you in control

Say hello to N26 Smart, the bank account packed with intelligent features that help you spend and save with confidence. Sign up online in minutes right from your smartphone—no paperwork required.
Image of a mobile phone showing a subaccount on the screen and a black debit card in the side.

Your Mastercard debit card, accepted worldwide

Pick a Mastercard debit card in your choice of color—Ocean, Rhubarb, Sand, Aqua or Slate. Benefit from 5 free monthly withdrawals in the Eurozone, and enjoy free payments in foreign currencies. Your N26 card is also compatible with contactless and mobile payments, which you can use even before receiving your physical card in the mail.
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Start earning interest

No deposit limits,** simple conditions, and full flexibility. Discover N26 Instant Savings, the easy-access savings account available at no extra cost in the N26 app.N26 Smart customers get 2.8%* p.a. interest on their savings.  Prefer 4%* p.a.? Choose N26 Metal.
More about the Instant Savings account
Woman dressed in blue, sitting, and holding her cell phone with the N26 application open. In the foreground, image of the 2.8% p.a. interest rate, balance in the main account, and in the savings account.

Stocks and ETFs the simple way

How about investing in your future without having to leave your banking app? With N26, you can buy stocks and ETFs right from your phone. Get 15 free trades every month when you upgrade to N26 Metal — and 5 with N26 You.You can also set up a fully-flexible automated investment plan — available for free with all our stocks and ETFs.
Discover Stocks and ETFs
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Organize your finances with Spaces sub-accounts

Create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts with IBANs in seconds, and instantly set money aside from your main account. Then create standing orders for recurring payments, pay bills via direct debit, send and receive SEPA bank transfers, or get paid from clients—right into each sub-account.Splitting business expenses with co-workers? Manage funds with others in a Shared Space. And if you're saving for your next project, try Round-Ups—we’ll help you save up the spare change whenever you pay by card.
image of two N26 subaccount showing the "main account" and "Back to college" spaces to budget money.

Master your spending with Insights

Ready for a simple and quick view of your finances? Meet N26 Insights, the intelligent feature in your N26 app that automatically categorizes your payments in real time. Instantly see if you’re spending more than usual on ‘Shopping,’ ‘Bars & Restaurants,’ ‘Groceries,’ and more—all it takes is a quick glance to stay on track with your monthly budget. Additionally you can get a better overview with our handy 50 30 20 Budget Calculator and our monthly budget calculator.

Treat yourself with N26 Perks

Tap into exciting lifestyle perks with N26 Smart. Unlock access to a series of exclusive deals from world-class partner brands, such as Blinkist, Mubi and Lime. With a regular rotation of top partner brands, you can treat yourself to generous discounts all year round.
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Beautifully simple. 100% flexible.

Why shouldn’t your bank's app be as beautiful as the other ones you already use? With a clean design and intuitive money management features, N26 is revamping your banking experience—without the hidden costs, or mountains of paperwork. Manage everything from your phone, but also from the desktop WebApp.
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Safe and secure online banking

Mastercard 3D Secure

Any online purchases made with your Mastercard are protected by 3D Secure technology—an additional authentication step.

Instant push notifications

Receive instant notifications for each transaction, so you always know what is happening to your account.

Biometric authentication

Log in to your account with FaceID or fingerprint identification for that added security.

Protected up to €100,000

With N26’s full European banking license, your money is protected up to €100,000 with the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

Customer Support via phone and chat

Whether you have a question or need help with a transfer, N26 Customer Support is here to help in German, English, French, Spanish, or Italian. Contact our N26 specialists via chat in your N26 app, or just give us a ring on the customer support hotline—reserved for premium customers. You’ll also find answers to our most frequently asked questions in the N26 Support Center.
N26 You card, Teal.
N26 You card, Ash.
N26 You card, Rhubarb.
N26 You card, Wheat.
N26 You card, Petrol.

N26 Smart. Spend and save with confidence.

Open your premium account for just €4.90/month (with a one-year membership) in 8 minutes, and take back control of your money.


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*The interest rates are based on your N26 membership: 2.8% for Standard, Smart, and You, and 4% for Metal. The interest rates are variable and subject to change in the future. **The money in your bank accounts — including N26 Instant Savings — is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme.