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4 smart features for digital nomads

So, travel is more than just a hobby for you and you love the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world? We’ve got features that can simplify your life as a digital nomad.

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Working on the beach in Barcelona, discovering a new place every month with nothing in your luggage but a laptop, searching for a stable internet connection to get your project completed—the life of a digital nomad can be quite an adventure. And for many people, that’s the major appeal! Luckily, adventure doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. In this blog post, we’ll tell you what it means to be a digital nomad and how our N26 features can help, if you decide it’s the life for you.

What does it mean to be a digital nomad?

Discovering the world while building your career? Until just a few years ago, these two things were mutually exclusive—but not anymore! In many jobs, you now have the option of working from anywhere on earth, as long as you’ve got your laptop and a decent internet connection. It’s a transient lifestyle for the 21st century, hence the term: “digital nomads.”

Digital nomads set up their office on a Caribbean island or move to a new city every couple of weeks, exploring new places. Can you see yourself doing this? We’ll show you how our N26 features can help you make this exciting experience a reality and what you need to bear in mind. Let’s go!

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Jobs for digital nomads

Can’t wait to start your adventure? We get you! Still, the digital nomad life isn’t compatible with every profession under the sun. Some jobs can be done from anywhere in the world with few issues, as long as there’s stable internet. But others might be tricky if you need to be physically present at the office.

The concept of a digital nomad is particularly popular among those who freelance, such as designers or copywriters. Or maybe you’re an author and want to write your new book on a beach in Bali. If you don’t have the option of working from overseas but still want to discover more of the world, a sabbatical could be the solution for you. And if you’d prefer to put down roots in a new location and stay a while, we’ve got a few tips for you here.

What do I need to know before becoming a digital nomad?

If you’re an employee, start by checking your contract and talking to your employer to make sure working from abroad is an option. Why wouldn’t it be possible—especially if you’re working from home most of the time anyway? Well, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. You need to sort out your insurance situation overseas, and there are a few things you need to consider in terms of tax compliance. Germany has a dual-taxation agreement with many countries, which affects which country you pay taxes to. If you want to stay somewhere for more than six months but don’t want to give up your place of residence in Germany, you might need to pay tax in both countries.

If you’re an EU citizen and plan to work outside the EU, you’ll also need to check if you need a work permit and how to apply for it. So, depending on where you’re going, there are a few things you need to clarify before beginning your adventure. Then, you can set off with confidence.

4 smart features for digital nomads

So, you’ve decided to freelance from Portugal’s Algarve coast for the next couple of weeks, or to spend the winter working in southern Spain? We’ve got four smart features for you that’ll make your life easier as a digital nomad.

Work and travel carefree with N26 Insurance

Want to relax and enjoy your workcation? If you have an N26 You, Business You, Metal, or Metal Business account, you can enjoy an Allianz insurance package with lifestyle, mobility, and travel insurance policies. Medical emergencies, canceled trips, delayed (or even lost!) luggage—these are the times when you really need a bank account with travel insurance.

Zero-fee payments, in any currency

Whether you’re sipping an after-work beer in your favorite bar in Barcelona or slipping into a hot vintage coat in Camden Market, your bank card sometimes ends up working overtime. Especially as a digital nomad, it’s annoying if you have to pay fees every time you use your card abroad. N26 makes this a thing of the past: you can enjoy unlimited payments in any currency, with zero fees.

Put money aside with N26 Spaces

Want to try out the digital nomad lifestyle, but worried about the costs? Booking accommodation and flights can add up to a pricey workation over time, especially if you’re on the move a lot. To avoid running out of funds and ending your adventure early, you can start putting a bit of money aside now. Our N26 Spaces sub-accounts are perfect for this. If you have a premium account, you can use Spaces for your savings goals, expenses, and projects, all within your N26 app. Create up to 10 Spaces—you can even give them their own IBANs!

Keep an overview of your expenditure with N26 Insights

When you’re on the go, it’s easy to lose track of your finances. A takeout coffee here, a business lunch there, and before you know it, you’ve blown your budget. With N26 Insights, you’ll always have an eye on your money, including a comprehensive overview of your finances—with your expenses categorized automatically. A quick glance at your phone is all you need to compare your current spending habits with your three-monthly average. Plus, you’ll get an integrated monthly evaluation of last month’s expenses, so you can adjust your spending.

N26 for business

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Your 100% mobile bank

Ready for your digital nomad adventure, but don’t want to miss out on any of our N26 features? Discover the account that’s a perfect match for you and your lifestyle right now! How about a business account for freelancers and self-employed workers? No matter which one you pick, your new bank account will be ready to use in minutes—the setup is totally paperless and there’s no standing in line. Yes, banking can be this mobile!

At N26, we’ve taken the red tape out of opening a bank account in Germany. Open an online account in just 8 minutes—all you’ll need is your smartphone, a valid address in Germany, and a valid photo ID. You’ll get an official German IBAN, so you can pay and be paid like a local. Plus, there are no hidden fees and you’ll always have access to English-speaking customer service, so you can focus on settling in to your new home.

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