01 November 2016Product & Services

Introducing N26 Business

Update: N26 Business is now available for all new customers in every country where N26 operates.

Why N26 Business?

As we welcome more of you into the N26 universe, we recognize the variety of needs and services that you want from your bank. One of your early requests was a dedicated business account. The number of freelance and self-employed users is steadily growing, so we’re happy to announce our newest product that directly addresses the demands of individual business users.

How to get the new N26 Business account?

N26 Business is a new account that you can switch to if you will use N26 primarily for business purposes. If you’re an existing user, you can choose to switch when we invite you to transfer your account to N26 Bank. You’ll get a new Mastercard that you have to use exclusively for business purposes, but you can order an additional Maestro card for personal spending on the same account. This way you can easily track your business and personal spending straight from the app. Export your monthly spending reports as .csv files to your favorite invoicing program for simple bookkeeping. We’ll even pay you back 0.1% cashback on all Mastercard purchases, which is automatically deposited into your account every quarter. This account will work for you as you work on your business, so please send us your feedback for more features and functionalities you want from N26 Business. This is a Beta version, which means it’s our initial offering of a business account and we have more features lined up to be implemented in the next few months. Send your ideas to ideas@n26.com, and watch out for the next version soon. If you are interested to get your free N26 Business account and Mastercard, sign up here.

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