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2022 Tax Declaration : How to declare your N26 bank account

As a French resident, you're required to declare any foreign bank account. Read on to learn how to do it.

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Do I have to declare my N26 bank account?

All French residents who have an account abroad are obligated to declare their bank account. As N26 holds a banking license in Germany, you must declare your N26 bank account to the French tax authorities when you file your 2022 tax declaration.

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Why do I have to declare my bank account?

French regulation requires you to declare when you fill up your yearly tax declaration.

Don't forget to fill our your declaration: "Failure to declare a bank account opened abroad is liable to a modification of € 1,500 which can be reached at € 10,000 when the account is opened in a State which has not concluded an administrative assistance agreement with France allowing access to banking information (CGI art 1649 A, 1736 IV) ”.

Here's how to declare your account

The declaration of your taxes for 2022 concerns the 2021 fiscal year. Therefore, you will have to declare your N26 account if you opened and used it in 2021, or if you closed it during this previous year.

The declaration of the use, opening, or closure of your account is done directly in the online declaration form of your 2021 income, accessible from your personal space on the .

  1. When completing the information regarding your "income and expenses" requested in Step 3, go to the "Divers" section. You will have to tick the 8 UU box "comptes ouverts, détenus, utilisés, ou clos à l’étranger".
  2. In the "Déclarations annexes" window which appears, tick the box for the Cerfa form N° 3916 "Déclaration par un résident d’un compte ouvert, détenu, utilisé ou clos à l’étranger".
  3. Access the form by clicking on “Annexe n° 3916” at the top left of your screen.
  4. After clicking through, and if the form is not pre-filled, you will have to indicate how many accounts you want to declare. Indicate "1" if your N26 account is the only foreign account that you opened, used or closed in 2020.

(If your account already appears because it has been declared in the past and if it is still open, you will simply need to make sure the information is correct and click on "Report").

  1. Fill in the Cerfa form indicating the information below for your N26 account

To make it easier, you can copy and paste the following information:

  • Caractéristiques du compte : Compte courant
  • Date d'ouverture :
  • Désignation de l'organisme gestionnaire du compte : N26 Bank GmbH
  • Adresse de l'organisme gestionnaire du compte :
    • Pays : Allemagne
    • Complément d'adresse : 3 Hinterhof
    • Rue : Rungestrasse 22
    • Indicatif pays - Code postal - Ville : 10179 Berlin

And that's it!

If you have any questions, our specialists are here to help you : you can contact our Customer Service from the Livechat of your N26 app or by email.

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