French IBANs: now available at N26

Finally, a bank account made for your daily life — including a French IBAN. Managing your budget in France is now easier than ever.It only takes a few minutes to open an N26 account and get your own French RIB for all your day-to-day transactions.* *French IBANs will soon be available to existing N26 customers as well.
N26 Smart and parisian buildings in the background.

What makes banking with a French IBAN better?

Open an N26 bank account with a French IBAN and discover a new and streamlined way of managing your finances. 
  • Pay for all of your subscriptions (streaming services, gym memberships...)
  • Set up direct debits and other recurring bank transfers
  • Receive your salary and social benefits by direct deposit
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Why choose N26:

Why choose N26:

✓ Get a French IBAN and manage all your transactions from your phone
✓ Get free ATM withdrawals within the eurozone
✓ Receive instant notifications and track your account balance in real time
✓ Manage your money with sub-accounts and other innovative budgeting tools
✓ Enjoy state-of-the-art security features
✓ Protect your funds up to €100,000

What's a French IBAN ?

The French IBAN is a unique international number that acts as your bank account's ID. This number appears on your bank details. Use your IBAN, often called RIB in France, to make fast and secure national or international payments and transfers. 
French IBAN, N26 card and groceries.

Find the N26 card that suits you best

With the free N26 Standard account, you get a virtual card for all your purchases. Prefer a physical card? Order one separately, or choose a premium account that comes with a colorful or metal card. Change your PIN or lock your card easily from your phone. Or, simply add your card to your Wallet and make mobile payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
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Manage your money with smart budgeting tools

Wondering what's the best way to put money aside? Our smart tools and innovative features are designed to help make it easier. Manage your budget, monitor your balance, and set personal spending limits — all within your N26 app. With an N26 premium account, you also get up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, so you can put money aside at your own pace.
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Set up direct deposits with your N26 French IBAN

Set up direct deposits with your N26 French IBAN

Share your N26 French IBAN with your employer and receive your salary deposited directly into your new bank account. With everything at your fingertips in the N26 app, managing your money has never been simpler
n26 standard card.
n26 metal card.
n26 you card.

Discover your new N26 account with a French IBAN

N26 offers a secure banking experience that makes managing your money easier every day. Choose from N26 Standard, N26 Smart, N26 You, or N26 Metal: Join nearly 3 million customers in France, and find the N26 account that suits your needs.

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