The Female Opportunity Index

While advances in gender equality have undoubtedly been made, the work is far from over. The brunt of domestic labor still falls on women, not to mention the gender wage gap and ongoing discrimination in the workplace. We commissioned the Female Opportunity Index to analyze gender equality in 100 countries and advancements in female leadership across sectors. It’s all about learning what more can be done to level the playing field and enact real change when it comes to gender parity.
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The Global Banking Index

We’re always looking to gain insights on the state of digital banking worldwind, which is why we partnered with Accenture to create the Global Banking Index. Here, we share what we uncovered about customers’ attitudes toward digital banking, including factors driving the shift to digital banking, and the barriers that remain. Our digital banking report is based on Accenture’s 2020 Global Banking Customer Study, which surveyed over 47,000 customers of digital and traditional banks in 28 markets. 
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European saving and spending trends

What are some key European saving and spending trends, especially when markets are in flux? To get to the bottom of this, we researched how customers in Europe’s largest economies saved and spent in 2021 and 2022. By analyzing N26 customer data, we discovered helpful insights about saving and spending in Europe in 2021, how habits differed between countries, and more. Then, we studied how our six main markets saved and spent in 2022 following near-record growing inflation.
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Women and investing

Investing is a key part of growing our savings and preparing for the future. But the gender wage gap, an outsized share of domestic duties, and other factors put women at an investing disadvantage compared to their male counterparts. Over time, this disparity can have far-reaching effects. We set out to better understand the motivations and barriers for women investors in our study on women and investing, surveying over 16,000 people across five European markets on their investment behavior. 
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European travel trends

From the Alps and Pyrennes to the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas, Europeans have their pick of top travel destinations. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to learn about how and where Europeans traveled in 2022. So to get up to speed on European travel trends, we surveyed over 12,000 N26 customers in 8 European countries, and asked them questions about their planned vacations, how high their budgets are, and in what ways concerns about money or the climate factored into their plans. 
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The Education Price Index

To help students make more informed financial decisions when it comes to higher education, we analyzed the cost of attending college in 50 different countries for a variety of career paths. We also looked at discipline-specific local salaries for graduates, and ranked 100 popular student cities based on cost of living and overall livability.
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Taxes breaks for remote work in Europe

The past couple of years have brought some radical changes to how we live—and work. Recently, many countries have introduced tax breaks for remote workers. To learn more about this growing phenomenon, we looked at eleven different European countries and their approach to taxation for working from home, including which countries offer the most generous tax refunds. 
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Your money personality type

Did you know that nearly everyone fits one of six financial personas? Of course they're influenced by our individual personalities, age, and culture, but they can teach us a lot about how to work with our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to money. With expertise from financial educator and author Alice Tapper, we've explored each of the money personality types and offer tailored tips for N26 customers to help you manage your money better.
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