N26 Standard—your free student bank account

Saving money as a student? Sure, it’s possible—with N26 Standard!
  • no account maintenance fees
  • free virtual card, apple pay and google pay
  • straightforward banking without complicated conditions
  • fee-free withdrawals
  • Intuitive app, perfect for banking on the go
  • simple savings features
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The free bank account that makes life easy

Join the online bank that lets you manage your shared finances right alongside your personal account. No waiting times, no hidden fees, no paperwork — just beautifully simple banking on the go.
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Send and receive money instantly

Whether it’s making a last-minute rent payment or splitting the dinner bill —with N26, you can settle up in seconds! Send, receive, and request money from your N26 contacts instantly with MoneyBeam. Plus, use instant payments to transfer money in seconds—no matter which bank account you’re sending it to. And with your new student account, you can save yourself the post-meal hassle with Split the Bill and divvy up shared restaurant bills with just a few taps in your N26 app.
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Everyday banking with a French IBAN

Receive your transfers and manage all your payments—right within your N26 app. New N26 customers now get French bank details (known as a RIB) to use for all your transactions, including incoming transfers, direct debits, and standing orders.
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Master your spending with Insights

Ready for a simple and quick view of your finances? Meet N26 Insights, the intelligent feature in your N26 app that automatically categorizes your payments in real time. Instantly see if you’re spending more than usual on ‘Shopping,’ ‘Bars & Restaurants,’ ‘Groceries,’ and more—all it takes is a quick glance to stay on track with your monthly budget. Plus, with a clear overview of your upcoming regular payments, it’s never been easier to plan ahead and stay on top of your finances.
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Enjoy amazing perks

Only got spare change left? Thanks to N26 Perks, you don’t have to spare yourself the fun. Get exclusive discounts from top brands like FlixBus, Reebok, GetYourGuide, and more.

100% digital and secure

N26 has a full European banking license. That means the funds in your student account are protected up to €100,000, so you can enjoy 100% secure, mobile banking!

No hidden costs

100% transparency, 0% hidden costs. Benefit from free ATM withdrawals all over Austria and free payments in any currency—all with our N26 student bank accounts!

Always flexible with your overdraft limit

With your N26 student account, you can set up, adjust, and always keep track of your spending in just a few minutes. With your flexible overdraft credit, you have full control over your finances at any time.

N26 Smart—spend and save with confidence

Finally, a student bank account that’s just as mobile as you are. With N26 Smart, managing your finances is effortless and, well, smart! Save money for your unique goals with Spaces sub-accounts—our signature virtual piggy banks. To save even more, use Round-ups to automatically round up card payments to the nearest euro and transfer the difference to a designated Space.
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Find your perfect student bank account

Ready to open your student bank account with N26? Compare our premium plans and sign up online in minutes—all you need is some WiFi, your ID, and your smartphone. No paperwork needed!


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