Welcome to the mobile banking era

The world belongs to the digital nomads. People without borders or time to waste. Welcome to N26, a new concept of bank for the smartphone. Do you have 8 minutes?

What is all this N26 thing all about?

Mastercard Business Included - Icon - N26 Business

The N26 Mastercard—for free

What a card! Get your transparent debit card and start to show off everytime you use it. Your N26 Mastercard is accepted all around the world, always without fees.

Monthly Expenditures Statistics - Icon - N26 App

Headache free statistics

We categorize your spending so you can have an easy to understand overview. Tag your transactions and track your balance over time.

Transferwise - Icon - N26 App

Foreign currency transfers: in a few taps with TransferWise

Send money in 19 currencies with just a few taps with our partner Transferwise. Everything happens in-app—without a piece of paperwork. With a low percentage fee, Transferwise is up to ten times cheaper than sending money with normal banks.

Real-time Notifications - Icon - N26 App

Real time notifications

Receive a push notification after every transaction on your bank account, so you're in control of what's happening with your money.

For frequent travelers—N26 Black gives you comprehensive travel insurance

And purchase insurance back home.
N26 Black also offers theft protection on qualifying items even when you’re abroad.

Support Channels - N26 Customer Service

We’re here for you. Contact us via chat, email and phone.

If you have any questions, or if you run into any problems, our Customer Service is on hand to help you in your own language.

Compare Accounts

Open a new N26 bank account from your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process.

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