N26 Bank

Banking as mobile as you are

Discover the 100% app-based bank account on your mobile phone. Opening an account only takes a few minutes, all without a scrap of paperwork.

You’ll get push notifications in real-time after every transaction, plus Spaces ‘sub-accounts’ to help you reach your savings goals. N26 comes with all the tools you’ll need to get full control over your money.

N26 Bank Account real time notifications about payments.

N26 comes with features to offer a smoother banking experience with your lifestyle in mind – transfer money to N26 contacts in seconds with MoneyBeam, withdraw cash at the checkout using CASH26, and there are no fees on card payments, even in foreign currency abroad.

Lost your card? Easily block or unblock it in a couple of taps inside the app.

Questions? We are here for you the N26 in-app LiveChat, in five languages. Discover N26 – the bank you’ll love to use.