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N26 Credit

Make big purchases feel smaller

Get a consumer credit loan estimate between €1.000 and €25.000 instantly. Receive your loan directly from N26 or from our partner auxmoney.

I'd like

Minimum 1000

Maximum 25000

  • buy a car
    • buy a car
    • go on vacation
    • buy furniture
    • pay off another loan
    • go to school
    • buy electronics
    • start a business
    • buy something else
and pay back over
  • 24 Months
    • 6 Months
    • 12 Months
    • 24 Months
    • 36 Months
    • 48 Months
    • 60 Months

Great! Here’s what your credit plan may look like.

Representative fixed rate loan example acc. to § 6a Preisangabenangabenverordnung. The example shown here refers to loans provided by N26 Bank GmbH at Klosterstraße 62 in 10179, Berlin. Nominal interest rate: 4,50% p.a.

Monthly payment of

For 24 months

Total to repay


Make big purchases feel smaller

  • Answer a few questions
    Your individual profile and credit history will determine your interest rate.

  • Consider multiple plans
    Review plans with no commitment and revisit your last plan with one tap.

  • Choose a tailored plan
    Pick a payment period between 12 and 60 months and pick your monthly payment amount.

  • Sign your contract by video call
    Make your plan official with a digital signature. We’ll never send you boxes of paperwork.

  • Get your loan easily
    Whether your loan is coming from N26 or from auxmoney, it will be deposited automatically into your account.

  • Make payments automatically
    Pay back your loan with automatic monthly payments from your N26 account.

Most asked questions

How do you calculate my interest rate?

Your personal loan offer, including interest rate, is based on several factors: The amount you want to borrow, the repayment time frame, and your creditworthiness. Depending on these factors, N26 Credit offers effective interest rates starting from 2.99% p.a. You will be able to review your personal loan offer before you commit to anything.

Will you inform Schufa about my loan request?

During your N26 Credit application, we will check your Schufa score, regardless of whether we already have Schufa information about you on record or not. This request will show in your Schufa report for 1 year, but it does not have a negative impact on your overall Schufa score.

When will the loan be paid out?

With N26 Credit, we prepare your personal loan offer in real time. Once you have reviewed the offer and decided to go for it, you can electronically sign the loan agreement. The loan is usually paid out within one hour after the electronic signature. You will receive a push notification once the loan has been deposited into your N26 account.

What is auxmoney?

auxmoney is a loan marketplace based in Germany that we have integrated into N26 Credit to be able to offer more people the loans that they need. We selected auxmoney because they also have a simple and paperless system for distributing loans, and are also dedicated to making this process easy.

Can I get a loan to be a freelancer or be self-employed?

Yes, you can get an N26 Credit loan to become a freelancer or go into business for yourself as a self-employed person.

Have any more questions?
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