Risk indicator for all N26 accounts.
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, 1/6 being indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.
N26 is a member of the German Deposit Guarantee Fund. The fund guarantees deposits up to 100,000 euros per account holder and entity.

Manage money together with N26 Shared Spaces

Open a premium bank account, and discover Shared Spaces sub-accounts—an easier way to save, put aside funds and share expenses with family and friends.
Shared Spaces Intro.

Saving and budgeting with others, made easy

Managing household bills and everyday expenses, or simply saving up together for that dream purchase? Invite up to 10 participants to your shared sub-account, and enjoy a hassle-free way to organize money with partners, family or friends.

Save your way with Rules and Round-Ups

Customize how you save. Schedule transfers between your main account and your spaces with Rules—just set the amount and frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks to Round-Ups, you can also round-up your card purchases to the nearest euro, and stash the difference in a chosen space.

Create up to 10 shared sub-accounts in seconds

Premium customer? It’s easy to get started with Shared Spaces. Head to the Spaces area of your app, create a new space or open an existing one, and tap Add participants. Then, simply invite family and friends with an N26 account to join.
Shared Spaces screen.

Shared banking with people you trust

Only premium customers can manage money with Shared Spaces. If you’re creating a shared sub-account, just be sure to invite those you know and trust—you’ll be giving them Power of Attorney and full access to the funds within your shared space.
n26 standard card.
n26 metal card.
n26 you card.

One space for collective saving and spending

Shared Spaces is a simple, flexible way to manage money with others. Compare our premium plans to open a bank account best suited to you, and start saving and budgeting from your smartphone.

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