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Shared Spaces

The shared bank account feature from N26.

Share the cost of living

Share money together in one place, like everyday expenses between partners, roommates, friends and family. Create a Spaces sub-account and invite up to 10 participants to add and withdraw money between your shared space and their own N26 accounts.

A screenshot of the N26 Spaces screen on the N26 app.

Shared banking – the evolution of Spaces

Some of our N26 customers will have already tried Spaces, a feature that lets you create a sub-account known as a “space”. Once created you can transfer money between your main account and your space. Shared Spaces is an added functionality for premium account users which lets you invite up to 10 participants into a space to manage the funds collectively.


Create your shared space in a few taps

N26 You, Metal and Business You customers have the ability to create Shared Spaces! It's easy. Head to the Spaces area of your app (the 'four squares' icon), create a new space or open an existing one, and click “add participants”. Then invite friends and family with an N26 account to join.

Shared account banking with the ones you trust

Only N26 premium account holders can create a shared space, but any N26 account holder can be invited to participate. Just remember that by inviting others to join your space, you’ll be giving them what’s called ‘Power of Attorney’. This gives them full access to all the money held within that shared space, so you should only invite people to join who you know and trust.

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One space for saving and spending together

Shared Spaces is the new way to manage money together on your N26 account. Look out for this soon in your N26 app or open an account...

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