Manage money together with N26 Shared Spaces

Open a premium bank account, and discover Shared Spaces sub-accounts—an easier way to save, put aside funds and share expenses with family and friends.

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Saving and budgeting with others, made easy

Managing household bills and everyday expenses, or simply saving up together for that dream purchase? Invite up to 10 participants to your shared sub-account, and enjoy a hassle-free way to organize money with partners, family or friends.

Your finances — ‌better together

Life is better shared, and your money is no exception. Manage all your finances in one place with your personal account and joint account at N26.

N26 joint accounts come with dedicated IBANs, handy insights, and user-friendly features to make managing your own and your shared finances easier than ever.

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Create up to 10 shared sub-accounts in seconds

Premium customer? It’s easy to get started with Shared Spaces. Head to the Finances area of your app, create a new space or open an existing one, and tap Add participants. Then, simply invite family and friends with an N26 account to join.

Save your way with Rules and Round-Ups

Customize how you save. Schedule transfers between your main account and your spaces with Rules—just set the amount and frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks to Round-Ups, you can also round-up your card purchases to the nearest euro, and stash the difference in a chosen space.

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Shared banking with people you trust

Only premium customers can manage money with Shared Spaces. If you’re creating a shared sub-account, just be sure to invite those you know and trust—you’ll be giving them Power of Attorney and full access to the funds within your shared space.

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One space for collective saving and spending

Shared Spaces is a simple, flexible way to manage money with others. Compare our premium plans to open a bank account best suited to you, and start saving and budgeting from your smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shared Spaces?

Shared Spaces are sub-accounts that sit within N26 Spaces, accessible via the N26 app and WebApp.

As a premium customer, you can create a sub-account and share it with up to 10 other N26 users. Invite your partner, friends, roommates and family as participants to save and spend together from the same sub-account. Each person can then easily transfer money between the shared space and their own N26 account, and even keep track of all transaction activities just by viewing the space details.

Who owns the money in Shared Spaces?

In order for multiple users to have full access to the same sub-account and the money within it, Shared Spaces uses a Power of Attorney legal model. This means that the premium account holder that originally created the shared space is the sole owner of the space. They grant Power of Attorney to the other participants, giving them permission to transfer money in and out.

The owner of the space can review this “Terms of Use” screen before they invite other N26 users to join. You can also access this when a participant accepts an invitation to join a shared space. You can find these full Terms of Use here.

Can I create Shared Spaces with a free N26 account?

No, only premium customers can create and participate in a shared space. Once you’ve been granted Power of Attorney and get access, you’ll be able to move money in and out of that sub-account.

How do I open a Shared Space?

If you already have a premium account with N26, you can open your N26 app and go to the Finances section in the bottom navigation bar. Create a space, give it a name and set a goal amount. Then, tap Add new participant in the space settings, and follow the steps to send an invitation to an N26 user that has their visibility switched on.

Once they accept your invitation to join the space, the new participant will be allowed to transfer money in and out of the space. And that’s it!

Can you open a Shared Space without the other person being present?

Yes, absolutely! The beauty of Shared Spaces is that it’s all managed through each individual’s N26 account. If you’re a premium customer, create a shared space and invite up to 10 other participants at any time. They’ll receive a notification of your invitation, and once they confirm or decline the invite, N26 will also let you know that this has happened.

How do I remove someone from Shared Spaces?

Since the owner of the shared space grants Power of Attorney to the other participants, they are the only one who can add or remove participants from that space. To do so, head to the shared space, open the space details and you will see its list of participants. Tap on the name of the participant you wish to remove, and confirm.

What do I need to open a Shared Space?

Only N26 premium customers can create and be invited to join a shared space. However, if you’re an N26 Standard customer who opened an account before 16/02/2021, you may also be invited to join and participate in a shared space.

To be invited, make sure you have your visibility switched on—you can do this in your N26 app under My Account > Settings > Personal Settings > Personal Information.

What is the difference between a joint bank account and N26 Shared Spaces?

With a traditional joint account, the two people who open the account do this together, and then have legal equal ownership of it. The difference with Shared Spaces is that the N26 premium user who creates the space is the sole owner of the space. Anyone they invite to join is merely being given Power of Attorney, which allows them to access and/or contribute to the funds within that space.

Shared Spaces is the perfect solution for those looking for a simple, flexible and secure way to manage money together. Whereas joint accounts are often limited to just 2 people, N26 premium customers can create up to 10 Shared Spaces, invite up to 10 participants per space, and remove participants at any time. You can share your space with anyone you know and trust who has an N26 account, such as partners, family, friends, roommates and colleagues. Read more about how it works here.

How can I become visible so that I can participate in a Space?

You can do this directly in your N26 app. Go to the My Account section, open Settings, then tap on Personal Settings. Head to Personal Information and tick the box to confirm that you agree to be identifiable to other N26 users.