Automatic categorization. Unlimited personalization with N26 Business

N26 Business is the mobile bank account made for your freelance career or business. With adjustable categories and tags, your N26 Business account gives you complete control over your expense reporting using your N26 Business account. That gives you a beautiful, clear picture of how much you’re earning, including 0,1% cashback on all your Mastercard purchases. Sign up now and see the whole picture.

Do you

  • You end up mixing the personal account and the business account.
  • You can't keep your accounts separate and it's a strugle to get your balance sheets in order.
  • You can't locate expenses or see individual transactions. And you don't know which invoice matches which expense.
  • It costs you to make transfers, either here or abroad.

You're not the only one.

Time to get the whole picture

N26 Mastercard - Icon

Free Mastercard

Your Mastercard, your business. It's all in the card: use it for all your expenses to keep personal and business spending seperate.

Cashback - Icon - N26 Business

Direct reinvestment with 0,1% cashback

Get 0,1% cashback on all your purchases with your Mastercard.

Send Money with N26  - N26 App

Free transfers

No fees, no problems—send money and get paid.

Real-time Notifications - Icon - N26 App

Real-time notifications

Stay up to date. Get a push notification immediately after all account activities, including card payments and incoming transfers.

Mastercard SecureCode - Icon - N26 Security

N26 Business is 3D Secure

3D Secure (3DS) is an extra layer of security that helps prevent fraud when making payments online with your N26 bank account.

Transaction Tagging - Icon - N26 App

#Tag your transactions

#clients, #lunch, #materials. Create your own tags to better keep track of what you're spending where.

Monthly Expenditures Statistics - Icon - N26 App

Automatic categorization

Get a breakdown of your spending.

Download Bank Account Balance - Icon - N26 Bank Account

Export your transactions

Go granular. Download as a CSV directly on your phone or computer.

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