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Your dreams are big. They need some space.

N26 Spaces lets you create sub-accounts for all your goals and keep them all together under one login. Save more easily and take more control over your spending. All in your own way.

Save better with Spaces

Sub-accounts for organizing your money or saving for a big purchase. Spaces is the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to put money aside for your needs.

Create Rules, then forget them

Remembering to put money aside each month can be a chore, but Rules lets you set up recurring transfers between your main account and your Spaces on a recurring basis. Create a Rule once, then let the app take care of all future transfers to watch that savings pile grow.

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Smartphone with the N26 Spaces open on it.

One place for sharing money

Discover banking with loved ones! Shared Spaces is the new N26 shared banking feature that lets you share money with your friends and family. Premium users can create a Spaces sub-account and invite up to 10 people to join and manage funds together.

Shared Spaces

Keep track of every activity in your space

Move money from one space to another, get a clear overview of all transactions and see how close you are to reaching your goal. Just tap inside to see.

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Make the most of Spaces. Get the most out of your money.

Add, remove, and move money between spaces.

Create, delete, and move money as often as you want. It all happens in real-time. Each space is a separate account. You can move money from one space to another by tapping the transfer button next to your space’s name.

Pay from your Main Account. Stash the rest.

Moving money into another space keeps it from being spent. Your Main Account is attached to your card, so all transactions happen there including direct debits and standing orders.

Get a complete overview

Keeping track of multiple saving goals has never been easier. Just give your space a descriptive name and you’ll never forget what you’re saving for or how far along you are.

Set savings goals

Make progress towards your dreams or just motivate yourself to save more. Each space lets you set a total and shows you how close you are to reaching your goal.

Redefine how you manage your finances with N26 Spaces

New customer? Sign up for N26, get Spaces, and start doing things your way. Already N26 Customer? Log into the N26 mobile or web app to create your first space.


What actually are Spaces accounts?

Each space created with Spaces is a bank account that sits parallel to your main N26 account. That basically makes them similar to a savings account; they hold your money but can’t be used for spending or transactions.

And why are you calling them Spaces?

We called them Spaces to keep their purpose undefined. That’s up for you to decide, whether it’s saving or organizing your finances. Often other accounts are simply for saving. Spaces is a general tool that serves your needs, regardless of function.

What happens to my Main Account?

Absolutely nothing! Your main account will continue to function like it did before. All your purchases, transfers, standing orders, and deposits will happen there.

How many spaces can I make?

If you have a free account, you can have up to two extra spaces active at one time in addition to your Main Account. N26 You and Metal users can have up to ten additional spaces active at once. But you can create and delete as often as you want.

What if I want to spend from another space?

We don’t support that yet. But it’s easy to move money over from a space into your Main Account. Just drag and drop, input the amount you spent and it’ll “pay you back.” So say you have a space for rent and you transfer some money out of your Main Account, you’d just drag and drop the same amount out of your “Rent Space.”

What happens if I delete a space?

We’ll move the money immediately back into your Main Account.

Are there limits to how often I can move money back and forth?

Theoretically no. Have at it! But please, be kind to our servers.

How do I see my total balance?

Navigate to your Spaces overview. It sits right at the top above your spaces.