The Pleasure Seeker

If you love to savor the moment and spend like there’s no tomorrow, then you might be a Pleasure Seeker. Learn all about this financial persona here.
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Are you the life of the party — and the one who just splurged on a last-minute vacation? Primed for joy, the Pleasure Seeker loves to live in the moment, take life as it comes, and spend money like there’s no tomorrow.

The Pleasure Seeker’s finances

As you see it, money is meant for the here and now — it’s for maximizing fun and enjoying experiences. You’re governed by your guiding principle, namely: Life is short. You may avoid sticky issues when it comes to money, including the rising cost of living and inflation—or even feign ignorance and spend beyond your means. Maybe you’re rebelling against certain financial restrictions that were present in your childhood — or perhaps you learned your live-in-the-moment attitude from a role model. Your impulsive approach might not encourage long-term financial stability, and you could be at risk of missing important payments or even taking on debt that you can’t manage. However, you’ve got some serious financial strengths, too — like enjoying the fruits of your labor and savoring the moment.

Budgeting made easy

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As a Pleasure Seeker, you’re most likely to:

  • Persuade friends to go on a spontaneous trip to Vegas because…why not?
  • Say things like “life is for living” or “Carpe Diem!” to justify an impulsive purchase.

Tips and tricks for the Pleasure Seeker

  • Sticking to a budget is a big ask for a Pleasure Seeker. Instead, focus on results — check at the end of the month how much is coming in, going out, and how much was saved. Awareness is half the battle.
  • Think about ways to gamify your financial life — like accepting a challenge to save a certain amount before the year’s end.

The best match for the Pleasure Seeker

It’s unlikely that you’ll shack up with another Pleasure Seeker. Deep down, you realize that a little delayed gratification does you good. While it’s not without challenges, a Pleasure Seeker and someone who’s more future-focused can make a great match.

N26 tips for the Pleasure Seeker

  • Life is meant to be enjoyed — but it’s always a good idea to be prepared for unexpected events. N26 You & N26 Metal accounts come with travel and insurance perks to cover you and your adventures.
  • Get ultimate benefits, premium partner offers, and a sleek stainless-steel card with N26 Metal.
  • Are you the ring-leader of your group? Save together with partners, friends, and family with Shared Spaces sub-accounts. Create up to 10 for your unique goals, or use them to budget for common expenses — it’s that easy.

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