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5 ways to savor the last weeks of summer

There are only a few weeks of summer left—but you can soak up every minute and still stay on budget with these five travel tips.

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Whether you’re letting loose on semester break or camping out by the lake with kids, we all know it: that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it feeling about summer. Between festivals and family vacations, your brand-new bottle of sunscreen is almost empty before you know it. Sure, it happens every year, but these lazy, hazy, sun-soaked days are gone too soon—which is partly why they’re so magical.

Luckily, it’s not over yet! You can still make every minute count this summer. From a last-minute adventure to a local cultural tour, we’ve got you covered with five ideas for savoring late summer.

1. Take your home office on the road

Stuck covering for your colleagues this summer as they bask in the sun? Then why not take your office on the road? Working from home has some massive perks, not least of which is that your workstation can be set up in Barcelona, Berlin, or Bordeaux—basically anywhere with an internet connection. So, if vacation days aren’t an option, consider setting up shop somewhere else. You could be taking meetings from a hotel balcony in Spain and spending a long lunch at a tapas bar, or swapping your post-work happy hour for a swim in the Mediterranean!

If you’re looking for deals on hotels or holiday flats, check out, the fastest way to find and book your dream destination. Plus, if you’re an N26 customer in Germany or Austria, you’ll get an extra 6% off your next booking—and Italian, French, and Spanish customers will benefit from 4% off! There’s never been a better time to snag a bargain—or upgrade to a stylish stay without breaking the bank.  

2. Explore Europe by bus

Ever wanted to ride through the rolling hills of Tuscany or camp out on the beach in Palermo? How about cruising the rocky coast in Normandy or savoring the winding roads of the Swiss Alps? If that sounds fun, then a bus tour through Europe might be just the ticket for you! Air and train travel can be costly during summer high season, but voyaging by bus is an affordable way to explore the continent. Most bus lines offer last-minute tickets at reasonable prices, so you can hitch a ride spontaneously and see where the mood takes you. Plus, there’s no standing in line at airport security—just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of buses, did you know that Flixbus can take you almost anywhere you want to go in Europe? With 400,000 daily connections to over 2,500 destinations in 35 European countries, Flixbus is one of the best ways to hit the road. And thanks to N26 Perks, you can take 10% off your next trip! 

3. Sink your teeth into some local culture

There’s nothing quite like landing in a new city: new architecture, sights and sounds, a new climate, and a brand new culture to immerse yourself in. Whether you’re spending a long weekend somewhere new or want to practice your French before your Erasmus this fall, we recommend trying a few cultural activities to get to know the local flair. Visit a museum and take in the art scene, learn about the region’s history on a bus or boat tour, feast on some local delicacies with a food tour or pub crawl—the options are truly limitless. 

To get inspiration for what to do, try GetYourGuide, the go-to platform for tours and excursions. Browse their website and book your experience online—and save up to 12% as an N26 customer! Tip: If you don’t have the time for a last-minute trip, play tourist in your own city and book an activity close to home!

4. Book a last-minute getaway

Let’s be honest: Is there a better way to savor the last weeks of summer than a last-minute trip? We didn’t think so. Flight prices have been high this year, and other constraints have made travel especially unpredictable—leading many of us to take a “wait-and-see” attitude toward our summer holidays. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck: there are tons of deals just waiting to be snatched up, if you know where to find them. And if you’re wondering where to look, check out for the best deals on spontaneous travel, including flights, hotels, and all-inclusive travel packages. But wait, there’s more good news—N26 customers can get up to €25 off their purchase of €150 or more. Bargain hunters, take note. 

5. Try N26 Upfront Payments and save up to 20%!

Enjoying the end of summer doesn’t have to break the bank or lead to a nasty surprise when you check your account balance. With N26, saving and budgeting for your late-summer holiday—or anything, for that matter—is as easy as 1-2-3. Premium N26 Smart, You, and Metal accounts are packed with smart features that help you manage your money like a pro. Take Spaces, our signature sub-accounts that allow you to save for your unique goals. Or, use Rules, Income Sorter, or Round-Ups to manage your money the smart way. Plus, you’ll score exclusive deals on your favorite brands with partner perks. And now, with Upfront Payments from N26, you can take advantage of 20% off your N26 membership when you sign up for an annual plan. 

N26—your partner for summer

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