Here’s how to use Apple Pay with N26

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You can use your N26 card to pay with Apple Pay in several countries, making it easier than ever to use N26 across all your Apple devices—and ditch the cash in the process.

Being mobile means having access to your money where and when you need it. And with Apple Pay, you can use all your Apple devices to make physical payments in stores, apps, and online—in fact, anywhere NFC contactless payments are accepted. It’s extremely versatile, and lets you go 100% contactless. Find out more below.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that turns your Apple device into a wallet. Simply use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to make physical payments at stores, online or in-apps. As a mobile payment system, Apple Pay connects with your credit cards and payment methods like PayPal. It uses contactless NFC technology, making shopping a breeze with tap-and-go transactions.

How to set up Apple Pay with N26

Connecting your N26 account with Apple Pay is easy, and takes just a couple minutes: 

  1. Add Apple Pay to your account Open the Actions tab in the N26 app and select Card Settings. Tap Add to Apple Pay.

  2. Save details and confirm We’ll fill in your card details automatically.

  3. Manage in your wallet And done! You can see all your details directly in your Apple Pay wallet.

How do I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is exciting because of its almost endless possibilities. Just hold your Apple device next to the reader, confirm with your PIN, biometric identification or FaceID and go. In supported apps, you can also use Apple Pay to do things like order food or a taxi.

Apple Pay, and banks

N26 is seamlessly integrated with Apple Pay in several countries in Europe. And since we support this payment method, you’ll see your Apple Pay transactions in real-time as they occur. For example, if you order food from Deliveroo, grab a coffee at Starbucks, buy a ticket from Ticketmaster, or book an apartment with Airbnb, you’ll get an instant push notification delivered right to your phone. Not bad, right?

Who accepts Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted all over the world. You can use it in stores wherever you see the Apple Pay or contactless card symbol. It’s very similar to your credit card—just hold and go. Retailers like MediaMarkt, C&A, fnac, Zara, or Lidl will let you pay with the phone. You can also view a comprehensive list at the Apple Pay site.

You can also pay with Apple Pay in any supported app. Just tap the “Buy with Apple Pay” or the Apple Pay button at checkout. Make sure to double check your billing and shipping information so your order is sent to the right address.

Finally, Apple Pay works in Safari using your Mac or other device. Just look for the Apple Pay or “Buy with Apple Pay” button—and then just click and confirm on your device or phone. If your Mac doesn’t have a Touch ID, you’ll be prompted to confirm the purchase on your phone, watch, or iPad. Easy!

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