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Your student ID—learn how to benefit from top student discounts

Your student ID is your key to loads of perks and discounts. Check out our guide to find out where you can save some extra money!

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How do I get a student ID?

Student IDs are issued to everyone enrolled in a higher education institution. You’ll usually receive it along with your certificate of enrollment, or you can pick it up from your university’s student union. If you’re doing an apprenticeship, you’ll need to apply for a trade student ID.

Students can also apply for a European student card—or ISIC card—for access to discounts outside France. Valid in 134 different countries, this card allows you to make the most of your status as a student. It comes in handy if you’re going on Erasmus, for example! You can apply for your ISIC card easily online.

Perks you’ll get with your student ID

Your student ID offers proof of your student status, which comes in handy both in and out of school. At university, your card gives you access to a variety of student services, including accessing library services, making photocopies, and eating at the campus canteen for just €3.30 (or €1 for those with student grants). Some places even let you make purchases at uni with your student ID—so don’t forget to bring it with you to class!

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What discounts are available to students?

One of your student ID’s main perks is access to hefty student discounts outside of the classroom, including the following:

  • Public transport: Besides offering youth fares (usually for those under 26), most regional transit companies offer student fares as well. For example, you can get an SNCF rail discount with your student ID. This means that you can take advantage of discounted fares on the TER + urban network offers in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, among others. Check out the list of regional offers for students and those under 26. Note that your ISIC card also entitles you to a Flixbus student discount for bus travel.
  • Cultural activities: Depending on where you’re enrolled, you may be entitled to a special cultural pass, issued by either the Crous university services or your institution. Outside of that, anyone aged 18 to 25 can still enjoy free entry to national museums and landmarks. It’s worth noting that most cinemas offer discounts for students, as do museums and theaters. 
  • Sports facilities: For a small fee, students can take part in sports activities through the SUAPS university sports service. Some sports centers, like Fitnesspark, also offer a special rate for students.

Finally, you can also request the ‘Carte Jeunes Européenne,’ which will secure you discounts for a wide range of cultural, leisure, and sports activities in France and Europe. Available to 12-30 year olds for just €13, it offers savings on clothing purchases, theater tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, theme parks, and more.

Looking to save even more cash? Get tips on how to save money as a student here.

Student discounts in stores

Did you know that many stores also offer discounts to students? It’s worth remembering that brands often make their products more accessible to students with promo codes and other perks. Student shoppers can find deals in the following categories:

  • Technology: Whether you’re buying a new keyboard or laptop sleeve, replacing your PC or Mac, it’s important to secure all the must-haves for your studies. Luckily, market leaders Apple and Microsoft have put together special offers for students.
  • Fashion: Online shoppers can often benefit from student discounts on clothing. Some of the better known offers include Urban Outfitters’ Student Hub or the student promo codes from ASOS.
  • Books and stationery: Pay less for your study essentials with the student rates offered by some book and paper shops—including Rougier & Plé, which offers a card for art students.
  • Fast food restaurants: Need a snack? Eat on a budget thanks to student ID discounts, especially at fast-food chains.

Our tip: No matter where you’re shopping, always ask at checkout if there’s a student discount—you never know!

Do student IDs have an age limit?

When it comes to perks and discounts, student IDs can be used until the age of 27. Apart from a few exceptions, older students can’t use their ID for extra discounts, even if they’re still studying. The same goes for "youth" discounts on transport and culture—most aren’t available after the age of 27 or 28. But don’t fret! At N26, we’re committed to offering free bank accounts that are accessible to everyone, regardless of status or age. 

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To learn more, visit our dedicated student section and explore all the articles you need to start living your best uni life.

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