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How to get your energy check in France

Our article explains what you need to do to get the energy check, how much you’ll receive, and how you can use it.

5 min read

woman wearing a mask buying fruits in a supermarket.

How to save money on groceries: shopping tips to stretch your food budget

The right grocery budget can save you thousands each year—without skimping on healthy eating. Here’s how to shop smarter at the grocery store.

9 min read

a world map showing different currency symbols and golden strings.

Stagflation Explained: From Stocks to Real Estate

When is an economy at risk of stagflation? And what does that mean exactly? Here, find out what the term means, the consequences of stagflation, and why some might even benefit from it.

8 min read

Recession in big letters, surrounded by clouds while a person stands before it.

What is a recession and how long will it last?

Political events, environmental disasters, trade shocks: There are many factors that could cause a country's economy to slow down. But what exactly is a recession—and how long do they last?

5 min read

light bulb with plant leaves inside and planted on soil.

11 genius life hacks to save on your electric bill

With these tips, you could save up to €400 a year!

7 min read

kid showing the coins placed in a glass jar.

How to save money fast: 17 tips to grow your savings

Whether your financial goals are big or small, these life hacks will help you save money faster.

13 min read

Pie Chart.

The 50/30/20 rule: how to budget your money more efficiently

The 50/30/20 budget is beautiful in its simplicity. It can help you divide your income into categories that make saving easy.

7 min read

Woman adjusting a thermostat.

How to save money on your gas bill and still stay warm

Cutting back on your gas bill doesn’t mean being left out in the cold. Here’s how to do it!

7 min read

man in white crew neck t-shirt sitting on car seat with 3 other friends.

Inflation compensation in France—what is it and who’s eligible?

Announced on October 21, 2021 by Prime Minister Jean Castex, inflation compensation is a new form of financial aid from the French government to be paid out to 38 million people in the coming months.

4 min read

N26 how to save money in college and university a hand holding Euro coins Photo by Mein Deal.

How to top up your earnings with supplemental income

Read on for our guide to supplementing your income. Get ideas for creating a side hustle, learn how to generate income, and understand some basic tax and legal conditions for your new undertaking.

6 min read

Putting money into a piggy bank.

The parent’s guide to pocket money—here’s what you need to know

Trying to decide whether to give your child or teenager pocket money? Also called allowance, pocket money can be a great way for your child to learn about money.

6 min read

A group of students chat and work on the computer.

Your student ID—learn how to benefit from top student discounts

Your student ID is your key to loads of perks and discounts. Check out our guide to find out where you can save some extra money!

4 min read

man standing up near a car and checking his smartphone.

Carpooling–travel while staying in budget

It’s hard to organize travel when you’re on a tight budget. Our advice? Try carpooling! Less expensive than traditional modes of travel, it will save you money.

7 min read