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N26 launches accounts with French IBANs

We’re delighted to announce some exciting news for the French market: From now on, new customers in France will receive a French account complete with a French IBAN, often referred to as a "RIB.

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At N26, we’re all about making banking easier, more convenient — and more mobile. That’s why we’re delighted to announce some exciting news for the French market: From now on, new customers in France will receive a French account complete with a French IBAN, often referred to as a "RIB." 

And soon, nearly 3 million existing customers in France will also be able to switch from a German IBAN to a French one. Read on to learn more.  

One more step towards simplifying banking

The launch of the French IBAN is an important milestone for N26, a bank with a European banking license, offering accounts in 24 countries to more than 8 million customers. 

Previously, all N26 accounts in France had a German IBAN, starting with the letters "DE." Despite the obligation of merchants and organizations operating in the SEPA zone to accept all European IBANs, N26 IBANs were still occasionally refused. But now, N26 has an official branch in France, meaning we can offer accounts with a French RIB, along with an IBAN that begins with the letters "FR." 

The launch of the French IBAN will further simplify money management for our customers. With a French RIB, they’ll now be able to use N26 for all their daily banking needs without the hassle of dealing with a foreign IBAN. 

After the launch of the Italian and Spanish IBANs, N26 is proud to wear the colors "Bleu, blanc, RIB." Moreover, N26 is the first European bank to offer local IBANs in the four main countries of the European Union — Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. 

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Manage your budget right in your N26 app with a French IBAN

Tired of struggling to set up a direct debit or access a refund on your German account? With an N26 Made in France account, complete with a French RIB, you can now provide your N26 IBAN to your employer, energy provider, insurance company, and more to receive payments the easy way. Plus, you can manage direct debits to pay your rent or bills automatically, receive your social benefits, salaries, and reimbursements, and so much more. 

"The French IBAN is the beginning of an exciting new chapter, both for our new and existing customers. From receiving a salary payment and processing direct debits to managing monthly subscriptions and automating banking mobility, the French IBAN will make mobile banking simpler and more convenient than ever for N26 customers," explains Jérémie Rosselli, General Manager for the French market. 

And now, thanks to the French IBAN, all new customers looking to make N26 their primary bank account can do so in minutes, right from the N26 app. 

Rolling out the French IBAN for all N26 customers in on the way

Following the rollout of the French IBAN, all new N26 accounts opened in France will automatically come with a French RIB. However, we’re aware that many existing N26 customers are eager to switch to a French IBAN as well.

Since mid-september, our eligible customers are invited by batches to switch to a French French account and thus, get a French IBAN.

Interested ? All you need to do is to monitor your emails. As soon as you get an invitation to switch, follow the in-app process which only takes a few steps ! Switching to a French IBAN will allow you to keep getting the best out of your N26 account.

Once ready, share your French IBAN (also caled RIB) to all your payment partners and voilà !

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No matter which account you choose, you can bank the simple way, right from your smartphone. Receive notifications on every transaction, and get access to monthly spending statistics, offers from partner brands, and so much more. Plus, our Customer Support is available when you need it, 7 days a week. To find out more, visit N26.com now and find the bank account that suits you best.

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