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5 reasons why winter is the best season to travel

Summer is synonymous with holidays. Maybe it’s the long school break, maybe the endless sunny afternoons—either way, a lot of us spend the year saving up for our summer getaway, then that’s our lot. But who’s to say that winter isn’t the perfect time to travel, too? Here are five great reasons to buck the trend and get away in the cooler months.

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It’s the perfect time for some calm and reflection

The run up to the holidays can be incredibly busy in all aspects of life—work often picks up as we rush to complete projects before the year is out, absolutely everybody wants to meet up for a holiday get-together, and don’t even get us started on the shopping (don’t forget the dog!) By the end of the season, we’re often left feeling exhausted so having a break to look forward to is exactly what most of us need.

Whether it’s straight after the season, or during the first few months of the year when things usually quiet down, booking a trip away will allow you to reflect on another year and get ready for the excitement of what a fresh start can bring.

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Off-season prices

Another reason why winter is the best season to splash out on a big break is that your money will go further. Most tourist destinations flex their pricing seasonally, meaning you’ll often pay exponentially more in the summer than in winter. Bag yourself an off-season bargain at a five-star hotel and finish your days of exploring with the luxury and indulgence you deserve. This also applies to flights, so you could grab a bargain city break flight that would cost considerably more during the warmer months, leaving you with more cash to splash on the things that really matter.

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Get some hygge hibernation

You know that particular feeling you get from being snowed in with a book, or snuggled up by a fire? Well, it’s got a name: hygge. The word comes from Denmark, a country that has some of the coldest winters and yet one of the happiest populations in the world. And it’s not surprising: the Danes have learned how to make the most of the cold weather, and so should you.

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... or to soak up some winter sun!

For some, the winter blues hit hard. If hygge isn’t your style, there are plenty of places where you’d never know it was winter at all. Whilst you might need to travel a little further to catch the rays, the extra hours are worth it with places like Cape Verde, Thailand, Cuba and Morocco offering bright days and sunny climates.

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Shopping for the holidays has never been more fun

We all know the feeling: the holidays are coming to an end, there’s still nothing under the tree, your housemates are starting to wonder whether they’re getting coal after all. Meanwhile, you’re running frantically between stores, trying to pick out a gift you think they’ll like.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you could be strolling the streets of Berlin or Budapest, Salzburg or Strasbourg, sampling festive foods and finding that perfect gift for your loved-one. Christmas markets are often why winter is the best season to turn a last-minute chore into a luxurious delight.

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