Mini Planta team.

Mini Planta: set up your own urban garden at home

Turn your mini plants into super plants while learning all about them: how to care for them, where they come from, their features, etc.

5 min read

Jewelry designer in her workshop.

Deassín—modern design meets classic craftsmanship

Deassín’s designs exude simplicity, elegance and artistry. Their creator, Lucía, tells us what is so special about her jewelry.

5 min read

Owner of Now or Never jewelry.

Now or Never—colorful, eclectic fashion jewelry

Fun, freshness and plenty of color—these are the signature traits of the designs from Now or Never. Cristina, the founder, tells us where she finds the inspiration for these very special pieces.

3 min read

emergency fund and rainy day fund image with cloud with euro rain drops.

Invite your friends to join N26 and earn €5 each

Mobile banking is great. Earning a cash bonus for introducing it to your friends? Even better. Here’s how to claim your N26 friend referral reward.

2 min read

Difference icons on blue background.

The Big Banking Chat: is your bank doing all of this?

The best banks offer far more than just a way to spend, save and manage money—find out what else we have to offer

3 min read

Person sitting on a chair using smartphone.

The Big Banking Chat: here’s how N26 fits around you

Banking should fit around your life, not the other way around—this is how we do it.

3 min read

Magnifying glass over a euro currency symbol.

The Big Banking Chat: lifting the lid on hidden fees and charges

Being struck with a hidden fee or charge can really ruin your day—here’s how to avoid them

3 min read

Speech bubble with three exclamation marks.

The Big Banking Chat: what are the biggest frustrations with banking?

We reveal what customers find most annoying about the way they currently bank.

3 min read

An illustrated question mark.

The Big Banking Chat: answering common banking questions

We answer some of the most common questions we hear about banking.

3 min read

A group of people standing around.

The Big Banking Chat: find your financial tribe

We all share some common traits when it comes to managing our money— we summarize the most common approaches.

3 min read

A chat speech bubble.

The Big Banking Chat: How to talk to your bank

No one should be scared of starting a conversation with their bank—here’s our guide on doing it with confidence.

4 min read

Question marks and banking related terminology.

The Big Banking Chat: What banking jargon really means

We tackle some of the most hard-to-understand jargon used by banks, and explain what it really means.

3 min read