The Big Banking Chat: is your bank doing all of this?

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Over the course of The Big Banking Chat we’ve come back to one idea time and time again—that a bank should be more than just somewhere to store money. It’s why we get so outraged by jargon, and sympathize with customers who feel their bank doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

As your bank, we strive to be a service you can trust, and somewhere you can go to for an honest answer tailored to your needs. That shouldn’t just be a nice thing to have, it should be the bare minimum service every bank provides.

And our industry needs to go further. Banking should be a force for positive change in people’s lives—enabling them to realize their dreams, not a source of anxiety. That’s why we don’t want our customers to view us as just another bank—we want to stand out from the crowd by surpassing their expectations, not just meeting them.

So, while we remain focused on delivering the best possible banking experience, we’re also thinking about all the things a bank should do as well. Here’s a taster of some of the extra services we offer our customers.

Going the extra mile with N26

We offer all our customers some core features, which makes banking work for them. These include:

Instant payments, made in a few taps

Ordered a takeaway and trying to figure out the best way to share the bill? N26’s MoneyBeam feature makes it easy to send money to another N26 user instantly, with no need to remember lengthy sort codes and account numbers. Just open your app, select the the person you want to send money to, enter the amount and it’s done.

Easy currency transfers, right in the app

International money exchange is a pain—you’ve got to find a service, hope they handle both currencies involved, and then cough up an extortionate fee for the privilege. We’re different. We’ve partnered with TransferWise to offer fuss-free exchanges across a wide selection of different currencies. And the best bit? You can do it within our app so you’re always in complete control of your money.

Multilingual support, whenever you need it

We’re committed to offering customers the best possible support. That means our customer service team is always available to answer your questions—no matter how big or small. And to ensure we’re able to give you the assistance you need, you can choose to talk to us in one of five different languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Share the load with N26 Spaces

Our Spaces feature makes saving easy, but it’s even easier when you can share the load. With Shared Spaces, Metal and You account holders can invite up to 10 friends or family members to manage funds together in a joint space, removing the hassle of individually collecting all the pennies for Grandma’s 80th birthday present pot, or seeing how much is in the group holiday fund for next year.

N26 Perks, suited to you

We all like to treat ourselves in different ways. That’s why we also offer N26 customers a broad range of perks and partnership offers, from access to online learning courses and remote workouts, through to exclusive discounts on a range of entertainment providers.

What else could we do?

We know we don’t have all the answers, so what else do you think a 21st century, mobile bank should be doing to give its customers the best possible support? Let us know using #BigBankingChat on Twitter.

By N26

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