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Taurus: your financial horoscope

Each of the twelve star signs is associated with certain traits — including Taurus. In this article, you’ll learn what characterizes a Taurus — and how they deal with money.

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Whether you’re a die-hard believer in the zodiac or an astrology skeptic, there can be something fascinating about these archetypes and their characteristics. If you start reading about astrology, you’ll discover different star signs, rising signs — and eerily accurate personality profiles. 

Every month in the Zodiac x N26 series, we’ll explain what character traits each star sign has and explore how these characteristics relate to money-management. This month, we’re looking at Taurus. Let’s go!

The Taurus star sign

If you were born between 21 April and 20 May, congratulations: you’re a Taurus. The dates are based on the sun’s path, which is divided into 12 sections of 30 degrees each. The sign of Taurus corresponds to the second section, between Aries and Gemini. Taurus is considered a female sign, and sits within the house of Venus, a planet named after the Roman goddess of love, eroticism, and beauty. Taurus is also associated with the element of earth — fitting for a sign centered in spring when nature is in full bloom. Taurus is one of the oldest constellations around, and from Europe in winter, its V-shaped lines recall its namesake: a horned bull.

Taurus made its first appearance in the Babylonian zodiac, but its meaning altered when ancient Greeks adopted the signs into their own culture. In Greek mythology, Zeus, who had numerous affairs and children, fell in love with a king’s daughter, Europa. To subvert his wife Hera’s jealousy, Zeus transformed himself into a Bull, and carrying Europa on his back, swam to the island of Crede — where he seduced her. Hera bore three of Zeus’s children, who were later adopted by Asterios, king of Crete.  

What’s a Taurus like? 

In stark contrast to Zeus’s impulsive nature, Tauruses are generally considered to be loyal and true — uninterested in passionate, fleeting affairs. In fact, they are said to be possessive and prone to jealousy. However, a Taurus only exhibits these traits in extreme situations — instead, they are salt-of-the-earth types, with patience, fidelity, and honor being among their most prized traits. It takes a lot to unsteady a bull: as a fixed zodiac sign, Tauruses are solid and stable. Unlike a dreamy Pisces, they rarely get their heads stuck in the clouds. 

Whether in love or at work, a Taurus’s rational approach makes them a reliable, supportive companion. They’re creatures of habit: which can sometimes annoy their nearest and dearest, especially visionary “doers” like a Sagittarius or a rebellious Aquarius. Furthermore, people associated with this sign can resist change: the phrase “stubborn as a bull” doesn’t come from nowhere. But there’s much more to a Taurus than meets the eye! 

The traits of a Taurus

If a Taurus is good at one thing, it’s indulging their senses. Whether it’s delicious food and good wine, a long peaceful walk in nature, or an expensive perfume dusted onto fine fabric — Tauruses are true pleasure-seekers who love to indulge in life’s many joys. Sure, they can be materialistic at times, but that doesn’t mean they’re superficial. As an earthy Zodiac sign, they live in the here-and-now instead of losing track of their time or resources — making them a perfect match for one of the more dreamy Zodiac signs. 

Tauruses are also considered trustworthy and adoring, particularly when it comes to their families. However, they also need their freedom. Because Tauruses love processes, they never want to be told how to do something. Instead, they tend to follow their own (slow and steady) path. Oh, and this harmony-loving sign avoids quarles like the plague. Instead, they passively resist engaging in conflict — sometimes for years! 

Change may not be a Taurus’s strong suit, but that’s usually more about their environment than themselves. That’s because many Tauruses find where they want to be early on and stick to their path. Surely more erratic signs like Pisces and Gemini can learn from Tarus’s patience. Especially in turbulent times, the anchor-like solidity of a Taurus can be a grounding force. 

By the way: if your ascendant or moon sign is Taurus, you may recognize these traits in yourself, even if you have a different sun sign. What does that mean? Well, your ascendent sign describes how you appear to the outside world, while your moon sign symbolizes your inner world. 

Tauruses and money

Patience, pleasure, and pragmatism signify the most important Taurian traits. But what does that mean for their relationship with money? 

How does a Taurus manage their money?

A true connoisseur with a strong aesthetic sense, a Taurus could easily be seen as indulgent. But the opposite is actually true — so much, in fact, that Tauruses are often characterized as stingy. The truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere in the middle. While a Taurus loves to enjoy their life, they don’t tend to impulse-buy. Instead, they spend their money wisely and value quality above quantity. 

A good life needs to be well-financed, and that’s why Tauruses concentrate on building wealth at an early age. Whether they’re investing in stocks, art, or real-estate, this star sign tends to pursue a long-term investment strategy and sticks to it — even in a recession. They don’t tend to panic in uncertain economic times — they mostly care that their loved ones are provided for and taken care of. 

But in addition to their savings, Tauruses always put a little aside for the finer things in life. They love to spoil their loved ones with a three-course, home cooked meal (champaign included!) or a weekend at the spa. However, Tauruses plan their spending meticulously — once a plant ticket, hotel, or activity is planned, there’s no going back. This mindfulness around spending isn’t a coincidence: a Taurus is extremely proud of the money they’ve earned, and love to watch their savings grow rather than dwindle away. 

When it comes to money matters, Tauruses can also be suspicious. That’s why this star sign never brags about their assets, and keeps their financial cards close to their chest. So, if you’re a spouse managing money with a Taurus, it’s worth having a conversation about how to go about it. 

Get your finances in order — whatever your star sign

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