We are very excited to announce that N26, that’s us, now has over a million customers. The truth is—it’s thanks to you. You make N26 the colorful, diverse, and global company it is now. So big thanks to you. All of you.

To celebrate we put together a look at how customers help us transact €1 billion a month. Before continuing though, we’d like to mention that while we do look at aggregated data, we never look at individual data unless explicitly asked to do so. We always pseudonymize it before putting together stats like this.

The world and N26.

A quick look at who is using what, who around Europe likes vacationing where, and what they like spending their money on.

1 Million Infographic

We’ve got a good thing going on. Help us spread the word.

N26 wouldn’t be the colorful, global phenomenon it is without the many people who use it every day. Invite a friend to join the N26 community. That helps to make us better. And as a thank you, we’ll give you €15 for each friend that joins and uses their card as a thanks. You can invite them in your app’s Control Center by selecting Invite Friends.

Finally, stay tuned for some big product updates in the coming weeks.

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