N26 x Transferwise - foreign currency transfers without the fuss.

Wise—enjoy foreign currency transfers, without the fuss

Wherever your money needs to go, we’ll get it there—your in-app Wise feature now comes with even more currencies.

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These days, our lives are more international than ever. And while we’re temporarily more restricted in what we can do and where we can go right now, we still have friends and family abroad, and businesses and financial commitments in other countries to tend to.

With that mind, we want to ensure that you have as much flexibility as possible when it comes to managing your money—and we’re here to take the stress out of getting your funds from A to B.

Thankfully, with the money-transfer-platform Wise, seamlessly integrated into your N26 app, making foreign currency transfers is cheaper, faster and more reliable than ever before. And guess what? The in-app Wise feature now lets you choose from an even wider selection of currencies, helping you easily send your money to more destinations across the globe.

Low transfer costs, with no nasty surprises

Looking to get money to friends in the Philippines as fast as possible, or need to move a lump sum of money over to family across the world in Brazil? Or maybe you just need to transfer funds to your bank account back home to urgently cover overdue bills? Whatever your personal situation, N26 and Wise are here to make sure your money is exactly where it needs to be—in just a few taps.

Send money abroad

International transfers with your N26 account are easy, fast and reliable.
Transfer with Wise at N26

Using the built-in app feature, wave goodbye to pricey international money transfers and always benefit from the real market exchange rate, alongside low transfer costs when compared to traditional banks and other money exchange services. In fact, before you even part with your funds, you’ll get a detailed overview of what you’ll be charged for the foreign currency transaction—no hidden fees, and absolutely no nasty surprises. Enjoy total transparency every step of the way, and rest assured you’re always in control of every last penny.

And of course, with the entire process hosted directly in your N26 app, the standard Wise terms and conditions apply. It’s all in one place.

N26 x Wise.

How do I get started with Wise?

If you haven’t used the feature before, it’s simple. As Wise is already integrated into your N26 app, you don’t need to download any additional apps, nor will you be redirected elsewhere to complete your transaction.

Just open the N26 app and go to the “Actions” bar, tapping on “Sending Money” and then selecting “Foreign Currency Transfer.” To get your quote and a full overview of costs, enter the amount and select the currency you’re sending your money to. Finally, add and review your recipient’s bank details, and confirm the transfer. That’s it.

Now more than ever before, we understand the importance of staying connected with the rest of the world. So no matter where you are, and wherever you need to send your cash, we’ll help you get it there.

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