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Always want to be in the know? You’ve got a lot in common with mindful Marco

Wish there was an easier way to manage your fragmented financial planning? Here’s how to bring it all together.

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Are you the person your friends always turn to for advice when it comes to money? Or, do you stay up-to-date with the latest financial news when you can?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll know how frustrating it is when your bank doesn’t give you sufficient control over your money. And you’d love it if your bank’s apps and tools could give you just a little more control over your personal finances.

If you’re nodding along to the above, you’ve probably got a lot in common with someone like Marco—fact-checking, information-craving Marco.

His friends sometimes call him Warren (as in Buffett) because he’s so in control of his finances. He’s been saving for his pension since the age of 20. Despite knowing a huge amount about the financial world, he craves more information and education—after all, even a know-it-all needs to keep their knowledge fresh.

Marco and his partner are currently building family life together, and they’re open to try new things as long as it doesn’t break the bank or mess with their five year plan.

The thing that really gets on his nerves is how fragmented financial planning can be. And, like 1 in 5 of the world’s population, if he had the power he’d create banking products that make life easier. Marco just wants to have his goals, savings and insurance in one place so it’s easy to manage and he knows he’s on track. He’s secretly learning to code, and looking to try and build his own dashboard on the weekends.

Marco’s financial factoids

  • Mindset: sticking to a well-laid life plan
  • Motivation: practicality over spur of the moment decisions
  • Superpower: always in control but open-minded
  • Kryptonite: being driven to unnecessary stress


We get it. Like Marco, you just want financial information at your fingertips.

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